Cedric Boeckx - Selected Publications#

Andirko, A, J. Moriano, A. Vitriolo, M. Kuhlwilm, G. Testa, C. Boeckx. 2022. Fine-grained temporal mapping of derived high-frequency variants supports the mosaic nature of the evolution of Homo sapiens. Scientific Reports 12:9937.

Theofanopoulou, C., G. Gedman, J. Cahill, C. Boeckx, and E. Jarvis. 2021. Universal nomenclature for oxytocin- vasotocin ligand and receptor families. Nature 92:747–755. 

O’Rourke, T., P.T. Martins, R. Asano, R. O. Tachibana, K. Okanoya and C. Boeckx. 2021. Capturing the effects of domestication on vocal learning complexity. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 25(6):462-474. 

Martins, P.T. and C. Boeckx. 2020. Vocal learning: Beyond the continuum. PLoS Biology 18(3):e30000672. 

De Boer, B., B. Thompson, A. Ravignani, and C. Boeckx. 2020. Evolutionary dynamics doesn’t motivate a single mutant 
theory of language evolution. Scientific Reports 10(451). 

O’Rourke, T. and C. Boeckx. 2020. Converging roles of glutamate receptors in domestication and prosociality. Neuro- 
science and Biobehavioral Reviews 108:341-357.

Zanella,M.,Vitriolo,A.,Andirko,A.,Martins,P.T.,Sturm,S.,O’Rourke,T.,Laugsch,M.,Malerba,N.,Skaros,A.,Trattaro, S., Germain, P., Merla, G., Rada-Iglesias, A., Boeckx, C., and Testa, G. 2019. Dosage analysis of the 7q11.23 Williams region identifies BAZ1B as a major human gene patterning the modern human face and underlying self-domestication. Science Advances 5(12):eaaw7908. 

Martins, P.T. and C. Boeckx. 2019. Language evolution and complexity considerations: The no-half-merge fallacy. PloS Biology 17(11):e3000089. 

Kuhlwilm, M. and C. Boeckx. 2019. A catalog of single nucleotide changes distinguishing modern humans from archaic hominins. Scientific Reports 9:8463. 

Theofanopoulou, C., C. Boeckx and E. D. Jarvis. 2017. A hypothesis on a role of oxytocin in the social mechanisms of speech and vocal learning. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284(1861). 

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