Cedric Boeckx - Biography#

Cedric Boeckx is a Research Professor at ICREA, and the Principal Investigator of the Cognitive Biology of Language research group at the University of Barcelona. His current research focuses on the neurobiological foundations of the human language faculty, with special emphasis on evolutionary issues. His graduate training and early career were in cognitive science and theoretical linguistics, but his more recent work has a more explicit biological, and experimental orientation.

Before moving to Barcelona, Boeckx served on the faculty at Harvard University, where he was first Assistant Professor and subsequently Associate Professor. He received his PhD from the University of Connecticut in 2001. He has obtained four 3-year research funds from the Spanish ministry of science, as well as a Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant.

He is the author of 10 research monographs published by major University Presses, and authored over a hundred peer-reviewed articles. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, Science, New Scientist, BBC News, Scientific American, ScienceNews, Newsweek, among many other news outlets.

He is the founding editor of the Oxford Series in Biolinguistics Book series, Oxford University Press, and an editor of the Journal of Language Evolution.

He has (co-)supervised 15 PhD students, and over 40 MA/BA theses.

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