María J. Blanco-Prieto - Selected Publications#

1. E. Luque-Michel, A. Larrea, C. Lahuerta, V. Sebastian, E. Imbuluzqueta, M. Arruebo, MJ Blanco-Prieto*, J. Santamaría. A simple approach to obtain hybrid Au-loaded polymeric nanoparticles with a tunable metal load. Nanoscale, 8, 6495-506, 2016. IF: 7,394 – NANOSCIENCE & NANOTECHNOLOGY: 10/80, D1. Paper highlighted on cover of Nanoscale. Cites: 27

2. E. Garbayo, JJ Gavira, M. Garcia de Yebenes, B. Pelacho, G. Abizanda, H. Lana, MJ Blanco-Prieto*. F. Prosper. Catheter-based Intramyocardial Injection of FGF1 or NRG1-loaded MPs Improves Cardiac Function in a Preclinical Model of Ischemia-Reperfusion. Scientific Reports, 6:25932 - DOI: 10.1038/srep25932, 2016. IF: 5,578 – MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES: 5/57, D1. Cites: 47

3. E. Garbayo, E. Ansorena, H. Lana, MD Carmona-Abellan, I Marcilla, JL Lanciego, MR Luquin, MJ Blanco-Prieto*. Brain delivery of microencapsulated GDNF induces functional and structural recovery in parkinsonian monkeys. Biomaterials, 110, 11-23, 2016. IF: 8,387 - MATERIALS SCIENCE, BIOMATERIALS: 1/33, D1. Cites: 33

4. E. Luque-Michel, E. Imbuluzqueta, V. Sebastián, MJ Blanco-Prieto*. Clinical advances of nanocarrier-based cancer therapy and diagnostics. Expert Opin Drug Deliv, 14, 75-92, 2017. IF: 5,434 – PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY: 14/255, Q1. Cites: 60

5. L. Saludas, S. Pascual-Gil, F. Prósper, E. Garbayo, MJ. Blanco-Pieto*. Hydrogel based approaches for cardiac tissue engineering. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 523, 454-473, 2017. IF: 3,994 – PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY: 44/255, Q1. Cites: 75

6. Y. González-Fernández, M. Zalacain, E. Imbuluzqueta, A. Patiño-García, MJ. Blanco-Prieto*. Doxorubicin and edelfosine lipid nanoparticles are effective acting synergistically against drug-resistant osteosarcoma cancer cells. Cancer Letters, 388, 262-268, 2017. IF: 6,375 - ONCOLOGY: 23/213, Q1. Cites: 31

7. P. Diaz Herráez, L. Saludas, S. Pascual-Gil, T. Simon-Yarza, G. Abizanda, F. Prósper, MJ. Blanco-Prieto*. Transplantation of adipose-derived stem cells combined with neuregulin-microparticles promotes efficient cardiac repair in a rat myocardial infarction model. Journal of Controlled Release, 249, 23-31, 2017. IF: 7,633 – PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY: 10/257, D1. Paper highlighted on cover of JCR. Cites: 29

8. Y. González-Fernández, HK Brown, A. Patiño-García, D. Heymann, MJ. Blanco-Prieto*. Oral administration of edelfosine encapsulated lipid nanoparticles causes regression of lung metastases in pre-clinical models of osteosarcoma. Cancer Letters, 430, 193-200, 2018. IF: 6,375 - ONCOLOGY: 23/213, Q1. Cites: 20

9. C. Rodríguez-Nogales, Y. González-Fernández, A. Aldaz, P. Couvreur, MJ Blanco-Prieto*. Nanomedicines for peadiatric cancers. ACS Nano. 12, 7482-7496, 2018. IF: 13,709 – NANOSCIENCES AND NANOTECHNOLOGY: 5/92, D1. Cites: 43

10. E. Garbayo, S. Pascual-Gil, C. Rodriguez-Nogales, L. Saludas, A. Estella-Hermoso de Mendoza, MJ. Blanco-Prieto*. Nanomedicine and drug delivery systems in cancer and regenerative medicine. WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 2020 Apr 29:e1637. doi: 10.1002/wnan.1637. IF: 7,689 – MEDICINE, RESEARCH & EXPERIMENTAL: 11/137, D1. A news was published in Advance Sciences News. Cites: 26

* corresponding author

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