Patrick Blackburn - Selected publications#

Completeness in Hybrid Type Theory, with C. Areces, A. Huertas and M. Manzano, Journal of Philosophical Logic. Online version published 10th January 2013, DOI 10.1007/s10992-012-9260-4.

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Representation and Inference for Natural Language: A First Course in Computational Semantics, with J. Bos, CSLI Press, 2005. (Cited 360 times.)

Hybrid Logic: Characterization, Interpolation and Complexity, with C. Areces and M. Marx, Journal of Symbolic Logic, 66 (2001), 977--1010. (Cited 192 times.)

Modal Logic, with M. de Rijke and Y. Venema, Cambridge University Press, 2001. (Cited 2410 times.)

Representation, Reasoning, and Relational Structures: a Hybrid Logic Manifesto, Logic Journal of the IGPL, 8(3), 339-625, 2000. (Cited 225 times.)

Linguistics, logic and finite trees, with W Meyer-Viol, Logic Journal of IGPL 2 (1998), 3-29. (Cited 148 times.)

Hybrid Languages, with J. Seligman, Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 4 (1995), 251--272. (Cited 225 times.)

Tense, Temporal Reference and Tense Logic, Journal of Semantics, 11 (1994), 83--101. (Cited 58 times.)
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