Jean-Yves Bigot - Selected publications#

[1] J.-Y. Bigot, H. Kesserwan, V. Halté, O. Ersen, M. S. Moldovan, T. H. Kim, J.-t. Jang, J. Cheon; "Magnetic Properties of Annealed Core–Shell CoPt Nanoparticles", Nano Letters, 12, 1187 (2012). (just published)

[2] C. Boeglin, E. Beaurepaire, V. Halté, V. Lopez-Flores, C. Stamm, N. Pontius, H. A. Dürr, J.-Y. Bigot "Distinguishing the ultrafast dynamics of spin and orbital moments in solids", Nature 465, 458–461 (2010). (cited 27 times past 18 months)

[3] J.−Y. Bigot, M. Vomir, E. Beaurepaire; "Coherent ultrafast magnetism induced by femtosecond laser pulses", Nature Physics 5, 461 (2009). (cited 65 times past 3 years)

[4] A. Laraoui, M. Albrecht, J.-Y. Bigot "Femtosecond Magneto-optical Kerr Microscopy", Optics Letters 32, 936-398 (2007).

[5] M. Vomir, L. H.F. Andrade, L. Guidoni, E. Beaurepaire, J.-Y. Bigot; "Real space trajectory of the ultrafast magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic metals", Phys. Rev. Lett., 94, 237601 (2005). (cited 73 times past 6 years)

[6] J.-Y. Bigot, L. Guidoni, E. Beaurepaire, P. N. Saeta; "Femtosecond Spectro-temporal magneto-optics", Phys. Rev. Lett., 93, 077401 (2004).

[7] P.-A. Hervieux, J.-Y. Bigot; "Surface plasmon dynamics of simple metal clusters excited with femtosecond optical pulses", Phys. Rev. Lett., 92, 177402-177406 (2004).

[8] L. Guidoni, E. Beaurepaire, J.-Y. Bigot "Magneto-optics in the ultrafast regime: Thermalization of spin populations in ferromagnetic films", Phys. Rev. Lett., 89, 17401-17404 (2002).

[9] E. Beaurepaire, J.-C. Merle, A. Daunois, J.-Y. Bigot "Ultrafast spin dynamics in ferromagnetic nickel", Phys. Rev. Lett., 76, 4250-4253 (1996). (cited 461 times)

[10] J.-Y. Bigot, J.-C. Merle, O. Crégut, A. Daunois; "Electron dynamics in copper metallic nanoparticles probed with femtosecond optical pulses", Phys. Rev. Lett., 75, 4702-4705 (1995). (cited 197 times)

Reference [9] has been cited 461 times and is a pionneering work which led to the field of "Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics".

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