Manfred Bietak - Selected Publications#

1. M. Bietak, N. Marinatos, C. Palyvou, Taureador Scenes in Tell el-Dab‘a (Avaris) and Knossos, Denkschriften der Gesamtakademie der ÖAW, XXVII, Vienna 2007.

2. M. Bietak, ‘A Thutmosid Palace Precinct at Peru-Nefer (Tell el-Dab‘a)’, in: M. Bietak & S. Prell (eds.), Palaces in Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East vol. I: Egypt, CAENL V, Vienna 2018, 231-257.

3. M. Bietak, ‘On the Historicity of the Exodus: What Egyptology Today Can Contribute to Assessing the Sojourn in Egypt,’ in T. E. Levy, T. Schneider and W.H.C. Propp (eds.), Israel's Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective: Text, Archaeology, Culture, and Geoscience, Heidelberg-New York- Dordrecht-London 2015: Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 17-36.

4. M. Bietak, ‘From where came the Hyksos and where did they go’, in: M. Marée (ed.), The Second Intermediate Period (Thirteenth - Seventeenth Dynasties): Current Research, Future Prospects, OLA 192, Leuven 2010: Peeters, 139-181.

5. D. Aston & M. Bietak, Tell el-Dab‘a VIII, The Classification and Chronology of Tell el-Yahudiya Ware, with contributions by H. Charraf, A. Maeir, R. Mullins, L.E. Stager, R.Voss and K. Kopetzky Denkschriften der Gesamtakademie Vol. 66, Vienna 2012.

6. M. Bietak, ‘Antagonisms in Historical and Radiocarbon Chronology’, in: A.J. Shortland and C. Bronk Ramsey (eds.), Radiocarbon and the Chronologies of Ancient Egypt, Oxford 1913, 78-110.

7. M. Bietak, ‘Recent Discussions about the Chronology of the Middle and the Late Bronze Ages in the Eastern Mediterranean: Part I’, in: Bibliotheca Orientalis LXXII no. 3-4, (mei-augustus 2015). 317-335.

8. M. Bietak, ‘The Giparu of Ur as a Paradigm for Gender-Related Temple Types in the Ancient Near East’, in: Eretz Israel 33, The Lawrence E. Stager Volume, Jerusalem 2018, 9*-24*.

9. M. Bietak, ‘Bubastis: A Palace for a King or a Provincial Administrative Centre?’, in: M. Bietak, P. Matthiae & S. Prell (eds.), Palaces in Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East, vol. II, CAENL 8, Wiesbaden 2019: Harrassowitz, 204-238.

10. M. Bietak, ‘The Spiritual Roots of the Hyksos Elite: An Analysis of Their Sacred Architecture’, Part I, in: M. Bietak & S. Prell (eds.), The Enigma of the Hyksos I, CAENL 9, Wiesbaden 2019: Harrassowitz, 45-65.

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