Hans Berckhemer - Selected publications#

  • Berckhemer, H. and J. Ansorge (1963). Wave front investigations in model seismology. Geophys. Prospecting 11, 459-470.
  • Berckhemer, H. (1969). Direct evidence for the composition of the lower crust and the Moho. Tectonophys. 8, 97-105.
  • Berckhemer, H. (1971). The concept of wide band seismometry. Proc. XII Ass. General CSE 1970, Luxembourg, 214-220.
  • Berckhemer, H., B. Baier, H. Bartelsen, A. Behle, H. Burkhardt, H. Gebrande, J. Makris, H. Menzel, H. Miller and R. Vees (1976). Deep seismic sounding in the Afar Region and the highland of Ethiopia. In: “Afar Depression of Ethiopia”, A. Pilger and A. Rösler (Editors), Schweizerbart, Stuttgart, 89-107.
  • Berckhemer, H. and K. Hsü, Editors (1982). “Alpine Mediterranean Backarc Basins”, AGU- Monographs, Geodynamics Series 7, 216 pp.
  • Ulug, A. and H. Berckhemer (1984). Frequency dependence of Q for seismic waves in the Earth's mantle, J. Geophys. 56, 9-19.
  • Berckhemer, H., A. Rauen, H. Winter, J. Zinke and H. C. Soffel (1997). Petrophysical properties of the 9 km deep crustal section at KTB. J. Geophys. Res. 102, 18337-18361.

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