Ansgar Belke - Publications#

10 publications from the last 5 years:

BELKE, ANSGAR, GÖCKE, MATTHIAS, FRENZEL BAUDISCH, COLETTA (2020): Interest Rate Bands of Inaction and Play-Hysteresis in Domestic Investment - Evidence for the Euro Area, accepted for publication in: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

BELKE, ANSGAR, OSOWSKI, THOMAS (2019): International Effects of Euro Area versus US Policy Uncertainty: A FAVAR Approach, Economic Inquiry, Vol. 57/1, 453-481.

BELKE, ANSGAR, OSOWSKI, THOMAS (2019): Measuring Fiscal Spillovers in EMU and Beyond: A Global VAR Approach, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 66/1, 54-93.

BELKE, ANSGAR, GROS, DANIEL, OSOWSKI, THOMAS (2017): The Effectiveness of the Fed’s Quantitative Easing Policy: New Evidence Based on Interest Rate Differentials, Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 73, 335-349.

BELKE, ANSGAR, BECKMANN, JOSCHA, SCHWEICKERT, RAINER, ADEMMER, ESTHER (2017): The Political Economy of the Impossible Trinity, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 47, 103-123.

BELKE, ANSGAR, DOMNICK, CLEMENS, GROS, DANIEL (2017): Business Cycle Synchronisation in the EMU: Core vs. Periphery, Open Economies Review, Vol. 28/5, 863-892.

BELKE, ANSGAR, KLOSE, JENS (2017): Equilibrium Real Interest Rates and Secular Stagnation: An Empirical Analysis for Euro Area Member Countries, Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol. 55/6, 1221-1238.

BELKE, ANSGAR, GROS, DANIEL (2017): Optimal Adjustment Paths in a Monetary Union, Economic Modelling, Vol. 67, 338-345.

BELKE, ANSGAR, BECKMANN, JOSCHA (2015): Monetary Policy and Stock Prices - Cross-Country Evidence from Cointegrated VAR Models, Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 54, 254-265.

BELKE, ANSGAR, WERNET, ANDREAS (2015): Poverty Reduction through Growth and Redistribution Policies – A Panel Analysis for 59 Developing Countries, Review of Development Economics, Vol. 19/1, 143-162.

In total 5 books, 232 publications in refereed journals, 130 publications in other scientific journals and 97 contributions to collective volumes.
  • Google scholar citations: 6374
  • h-Index:
    • CitEc: 22
    • Scopus: 22
    • Google Scholar: 43
  • IDEAS RepEc ranking:
    • Germany: 25th place (top 1%)
    • Worldwide: 500th place (top 1%)
  • SSRN:
    • Since a couple of years: Top 10% of authors on SSRN (Social Science Research Network) by all-time downloads

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