Axel Behrens - Publications#

Ten important papers in last 5 years:

1. Joerg D Hoeck, Anett Jandke, Sophia M Blake, Emma Nye, Bradley Spencer-Dene, Sebastian Brandner and Axel Behrens.
“Fbw7 controls neural stem cell differentiation and progenitor apoptosis by antagonising Notch and JNK/c-Jun signalling”.
Nature Neuroscience (2010), 13, 1365-72.
IF: 15.0

2. Rocio Sancho, Anett Jandke, Hayley Davis, Markus E. Diefenbacher, Ian Tomlinson, and Axel Behrens.
“Fbw7 regulates intestinal cell lineage commitment and is a haploinsufficient suppressor of intestinal tumourigenesis”.
Gastroenterology (2010), 139(3), 929-941.
IF: 13.9

3. Clare C. Davies, Atanu Chakraborty, Filippo Cipriani, Katharina Haigh, Jody J. Haigh, and Axel Behrens.
“Identification of a coactivator that links growth factor signalling to c-Jun/AP-1 activation”.
Nature Cell Biology (2010), 12(10):963-72.
IF: 20.0

4. Cristina Aguilera, Kentaro Nakagawa, Rocio Sancho, Atanu Chakraborty, Brian Hendrich and Axel Behrens.
“N-terminal phosphorylation antagonises recruitment of the Mbd3/NuRD repressor complex”.
Nature (2011), 469(7329), 231-5.
IF: 42.3

5. Joanna I. Loizou, Rocio Sancho, Nnennaya Kanu, Daniel J. Bolland, Fengtang Yang, Cristina Rada, Anne E. Corcoran and Axel Behrens.
“The ATM cofactor ATMIN is required for maintenance of genomic stability and suppression of B cell lymphoma”.
Cancer Cell (2011), 9(5), 587-600.
IF: 23.9

6. Rocio Sancho, Sophia M. Blake, Christian Tendeng, Bruce Clurman, Julian Lewis, and Axel Behrens.
“Fbw7 repression by Hes proteins creates a feedback loop that modulates Notch-mediated neural and intestinal stem cell fate decisions”.
PLOS Biology (2013), 11(6):e1001586.
IF: 11.7

7. Clare C. Davies, Atanu Chakraborty, Markus E. Diefenbacher, Mark Skehel, and Axel Behrens.
“Arginine methylation of the c-Jun co-activator RACO-1 is required for c-Jun/AP-1 activation”
EMBO J (2013), 32(11):1556-67.
IF: 10.7

8. Rocio Sancho, Ralph Gruber, Guoqiang Gu , and Axel Behrens.
“Loss of Fbw7 reprograms adult pancreatic ductal cells into α-, δ-, and β-cells”
Cell Stem Cell (2014), 15,139-53.
IF: 22.1

9. Markus E. Diefenbacher, Nikita Popov, Sophia M. Blake, Christina Schülein-Völk, Emma Nye, Bradley Spencer-Dene, Laura A. Jaenicke, Martin Eilers and Axel Behrens.
“The ubiquitin protease Usp28 controls intestinal homeostasis and promotes colorectal cancer“.
Journal of Clinical Investigation (2014), 124(8), 3407-18.
IF: 13.8

10. Atanu Chakraborty, Markus E. Diefenbacher, Anastasia Mylona, Olivier Kassel
and Axel Behrens.
“The E3 ubiquitin ligase Trim7 mediates c-Jun/AP-1 activation by Ras signaling”.
Nature Communications (2015), 6:6782. doi: 10.1038/ncomms7782.
IF: 10.7

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