Sigrid Beck - Selected Publications#

2021: Semantic Parameters and Universals. In the Wiley Blackwell Companion to Semantics, ed. Matthewson et al.

Bauer, M., S. Beck et al (2020).: "Linguistics meets Literature - More on the Grammar of Emily Dickinson". Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton. (monograph)

2020: "Indeterminate pronouns in Old English". Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics

2020: "Readings of scalar particles noch/still". Linguistics and Philosophy 43, 1-67.

2019: Patel-Grosz, Pritty & Sigrid Beck: "Different again". Semantics and Pragmatics 12, 1-52

2018: Beck, Sigrid & Marga Reis: "On the form and interpretation of echo wh-questions". Journal of Semantics 35(3), 369-408.

2015: Beck, Sigrid & Remus Gergel: "The diachronic semantics of English again." Natural Language Semantics 23, 157-203.

2014: Hohaus, Vera, Sonja Tiemann & Sigrid Beck: "Acquisition of Comparison Constructions." Language Acquisition. A Journal of Developmental Linguistics 21(3), 215-249.

2009: Beck, Sigrid et al: "Crosslinguistic Variation in Comparison Constructions". Linguistic Variation Yearbook 9, 1-66.

2006: "Intervention Effects Follow from Focus Interpretation". Natural Language Semantics14, 1-56.

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