Alessandro Bausi - Curriculum Vitae#

University of Hamburg, Faculty of Arts, Asien-Afrika-Institut, Department of African and Ethiopian Studies: Full Professor; Department Director

  • 1988. BA and MA in Ethiopic language and literature at the University of Florence, Faculty of Arts.
  • 1992. PhD in Ethiopic philology at the Istituto Universitario Orientale (IUO), Naples.
  • 1992. Teacher’s diploma exam in Greek, Latin and Humanities for secondary school.

  • 2010-pres. Director, Dept. of African and Ethiopian Studies, University of Hamburg.
  • 2009-pres. Director, Hiob Ludolf Center for Ethiopian Studies, University of Hamburg.
  • 2009-pres. Full Professor for Ethiopian studies, University of Hamburg.
  • 2006-pres. Adjunct Professor of Ethiopian Philology, Addis Ababa University, Department of Linguistics, Philology MA and PhD program.
  • 2007/08 Academic President of the BA and MA programs on Asia and Africa (‘Languages and Civilizations of Asia and Africa’, BA and MA programs, and ‘Linguistics of Asia and Africa’, MA program), Faculty of Arts, University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’ (UniNO).
  • 2005/06 Hiob Ludolf Visiting Professor, University of Hamburg.
  • 2004/05 Academic director of the BA program on ‘Languages and civilizations of Asia and Africa’, Faculty of Arts, UniNO.
  • 2002-09 Associate Professor of Ethiopic language and literature, Faculty of Arts, UniNO, with annual appointments of Ethiopian history and institutions (2002-05, 2006-08), Semitic civilizations of the Horn of Africa *(2005/06), Amharic Language and Literature (2008/09).
  • 1994-2002 Assistant Professor (permanent position), African and Arab Countries Department, Istituto Universitario Orientale, Naples, with appointments of Ethiopic language and literature (1999-2002) and Ethiopian history and institutions (2001/02).


National research projects funded by the Italian University Ministry:
2005-2006. ‘Linguistic and cultural traditional chains in the Christian Orient and text-critical philology. Problems of the Ethiopic texts: Aksumite texts, texts on the Aksumite age, translated hagiographical texts’, National scientific director, and director of the Naples unit.
2002-2003. ‘Both sides of the Red Sea: archaeology and linguistics for the reconstruction of the most ancient cultural phases of the South-Semitic area’, Scientific director of the Naples unit.
2000-2001. ‘Building up and informatization of bibliographies, repertories and basic tools for the study of the MSS of the religious institutions of Eritrea (in the frame of the project for microfilming and cataloguing the MSS of the religious institutions of Eritrea, UNESCO and Asmara) from a literary and linguistic point of view. Historical documentary (non-literary documentary texts) and philological aspects’, Scientific director of the Naples unit.

Research projects jointly funded by UniNO and Istituto Italiano per l’Africa e l’Oriente (IsIAO):
2000-2007. ‘For a new lexicon of the Ethiopian texts: the digitisation of the ‘Lexicon linguae Aethiopicae’ by A. Dillmann’, funded in the frame of the IUO (then UniNO) and IsIAO agreement, in 2000-2002, 2004-2005, 2007.

Istituto Universitario Orientale (since 2004 UniNO) annual projects:
1995-2008. ‘Critical edition of Ethiopic apocryphal texts’, funded in 1995-1997; ‘Apocryphal and hagiographic literary traditions: Philological analysis and text editions’, 1998; ‘Literary traditions of ancient and medieval Ethiopia: Looking for Aksumite relics (4th-7th cent. CE)’, 1999; ‘The language and the literature of the kingdom of Aksum and its tradition in pre-modern Ethiopia’, 2000-2002; ‘Texts and tradition of the most ancient Ge‘ez (Ancient Ethiopic) language and literature: philological and linguistic analysis’, 2003-2008.

Research activities within the Association pour l’Étude de la Littérature Apocryphe Chrétienne (AELAC):
1991-2011. AELAC (Dole, Dijon), New Testament Apocrypha and Pseudo-Clementine Studies.

Among my achievements there is the discovery of previously unknown Ethiopic versions of patristic Greek texts, including a new version of the ‘Apostolic Tradition’ (once attributed to Hippolytus of Rome, third century CE), historical texts on the early phase of the Egyptian church, and hagiographic texts, such as the Ethiopic version of the ‘Acts of Phileas’ (d. 305 CE). I have been among the first ones to apply a reconstructive method to editing Ethiopic texts (‘Sinodos’, ‘Vita of Libānos’, ‘Acts of Arethas’, and others) and apply digital editors for critical editions to Ethiopic texts (by the software ‘Classical Text Editor’, see at: I have been frequently invited to international conferences and workshops on Ethiopic literature, philology, manuscript studies, late antique texts, and numismatics.

I am or was a member of the editorial boards of: “Annali dell’Istituto Orientale di Napoli (AION)” (serie Orientale, Napoli, till 2004); “Aethiopica” (Hamburg, 2005-); “Rassegna di Studi Etiopici” (Roma-Napoli, 2007-); “Christjanskij Vostok” (Sankt Petersburg, 2007-); “Studi e Materiali di Storia delle Religioni” (Roma, 2009-); “Texts and Studies in Eastern Christianity” (Macquaire University, 2011-); “BABELAO. Journal for Ancient and Oriental Studies” (Louvain-la-Neuve 2012-). Editor (2009-) of “Aethiopica. International Journal of Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies”; member of the Scientific committee of the “Katalogisierung der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland” (2009-2011); member of the “Deutsch Äthiopische Stiftung” (2009-); external referent of numerous Research programmes and Journals. Chair (Dec. 2009-), of the Steering Committee of the Network Research Programme “Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies (COMSt)”, funded by ESF.

I am co-editor wih Chief Editor S. Uhlig of vol. 4 of the “Encyclopaedia Aethiopica”; with C. Macé of the “Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies Newsletter” (2011-); with E. Otto and S. Uhlig of the series “Orientalia Biblica et Christiana” (June 2011-). Editor of the series “Scriptores Aethiopici” of the CSCO, and of the series “Aethiopistische Forschungen” (June 2010-), and of vol. 5 of the “Encyclopaedia Aethiopica”. Former director (Dec. 2009-July 2011) of the Hamburg Units for the project “Katalogisierung der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland” (KOHD); Director of the “Hiob Ludolf Center for Ethiopian Studies” at Hamburg University (Sept. 2009-) and of the sub-project (TP C05) “Cross-Section Views of Evolving Knowledge: Canonico-Liturgical and Hagiographic Ethiopic Christian Manuscripts as Corpus-Organizers” (July 2011-).
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