Thomas Bartlett - Selected Publications#

Ireland: A history, published by Cambridge University Press in 2010; pp. 625. Now in its second edition, eighth printing. Over 12,000 copies sold worldwide

Various biographies [Francis Higgins, Knight of Kerry, J. P. Prendergast, W. J. Fitzpatrick inter alia]] for the New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2004); and a like number - Theobald Wolfe Tone, Lord Townshend inter alia for the Dictionary of Irish Biography (Cambridge University Press, 2009)

'Dublin Castle and Robert Emmet' in A. Dolan, P. Geoghegan, and D. Jones (ed), Reinterpreting Robert Emmet (UCD Press, 2007), pp. 9-25

'Last flight of the Wild Geese': Napoleon Bonaparte's Irish Legion 1803-15' in T. O'Connor and M. Lyons, The Irish in Europe 1600-1850 (2006), pp. 160-71

'Three failures and a success: Dublin Castle's intelligence war, 1795-1803' in Robert Armstrong, Eunan O'Halpin, Jane Ohlmeyer (eds) Intelligence and statecraft in History (Dublin, 2006). (Proceedings of the Irish Conference of Historians, 2005)

The Fall and Rise of the Irish Nation: the Catholic Question (Dublin, 1992), pp. 430

(With Keith Jeffery eds) A Military History of Ireland (Cambridge 1996), pp. 565

'An end to moral economy: the Irish militia riots of 1793"',Past and Present, no. 99, (May 1983), pp. 41-64. Reprinted in C. H. Philpin (ed) Nationalism and Popular Protest in Ireland (Cambridge, 1987).

‘Ormuzd abroad, Ahriman at home: the early historians of the Wild Geese’ in Jane Conroy (ed), Franco-Irish Connections: essays, memoirs and poems in honour of Pierre Joannon (Dublin, 2009)

‘Ulster politics and society, 1600-1800’ in Liam Kennedy and Philip Ollerenshaw, Ulster since 1600, politics, economy and society (Oxford University Press, 2012.
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