Yann Barrandon - Publications#

Selected publications

1. Bonfanti, P., Claudinot, S., Amici, A.W., Farley, A., Blackburn, C.C, Barrandon, Y. (2010). Microenvironmental reprogramming of thymic epithelial cells to skin multipotent stem cells. Nature 466, 978-982. (CI 2) - Press release

2. Majo, F., Rochat, A., Nicolas, M., Abou Jaoudé, G., Barrandon, Y. (2008). Oligopotent stem cells aredistributed throughout the ocular surface. Nature 456: 250-254. Epub 2008 Oct 1. (CI 49) - Press release

3. Gurtner, G. C., Werner, S., Barrandon, Y., Longaker, M. T. (2008). Wound repair and regeneration. Nature 453: 314-21. (CI 133)

4.Vauclair, S., Majo, F., Durham, A. D., Ghyselinck, N. B., Barrandon, Y., Radtke, F. (2007). Corneal epithelial cell fate is maintained during repair by Notch1 signaling via the regulation of vitamin A metabolism. Dev. Cell 13 (2): 242 -253. (CI 15) - (lab co-first author)

5. Wong, CE., Paratore, C., Dours-Zimmermann, MT., Rochat, A., Pietri, T., Suter, U., Zimmermann, DR., Dufour, S., Thiery, JP., Meijer, D., Beermann, F., Barrandon, Y., Sommer, L. (2006). Neural crest-derived cells with stem cell features can be traced back to multiple lineages in the adult skin. J. Cell Biol. 175 (6), 1005-15. (CI 61)

6. Claudinot, S., Nicolas, M., Oshima, H., Rochat, A., Barrandon, Y. (2005). From The Cover: Longterm renewal of hair follicles from clonogenic multipotent stem cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A.02:14677-14682. Epub 2005 Oct 3. (Cover and press release) (Citation index: CI 100)
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