Graeme Barker - Selected publications#


Barker, G. (2012) The desert and the sown: nomad-farmer interactions in the Wadi Faynan, southern Jordan. Journal of Arid Environments 86, 82-96.

Barker, G. (2011) The cost of cultivation. Nature 473, 163-4.

Barker, G., L. Lloyd-Smith, H. Barton, F. Cole, C. Hunt, P. Piper, R. Rabett, V. Paz, & K. Szabó (2011) Foraging-farming transitions at the Niah Caves, Sarawak, Borneo. Antiquity 85, 492-509.

Hunt, C., J. Davison, R. Inglis, L. Farr, T. Reynolds, D. Simpson, H. el-Rishi, & G. Barker (2010) Site formation processes in caves: the Holocene sediments of the Haua Fteah, Cyrenaica, Libya. Journal of Archaeological Science 37,7, 1600-1611.

Barker, G., H. Barton, M. Bird, P. Daly, I. Datan, A. Dykes, L. Farr, D.D. Gilbertson, B. Harrisson, C.O. Hunt, T. Higham, J. Krigbaum, H. Lewis, S. McLaren, V. Paz, P.A. Pike, P. Piper, B. Pyatt, R. Rabett, T.E.G. Reynolds, J. Rose, G. Rushworth, M. Stephens, C. Stringer, G. Thompson & C. Turney (2007) The ‘human revolution’ in tropical Southeast Asia: the antiquity of anatomically modern humans, and of behavioural modernity, at Niah Cave (Sarawak, Borneo). Journal of Human Evolution 52, 243-61.


Barker, G. & M. Janowski (eds.) (2011) Why Cultivate? Archaeological and Anthropological Approaches to Foraging-Farming Transitions in Southeast Asia. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, McDonald Institute Monographs, 141pp.

Barker, G., D. Gilbertson, & D. Mattingly (eds.) (2007) Archaeology and Desertification: the Wadi Faynan Landscape Survey, Southern Jordan. Oxford: Oxbow; London: Council for British Research in the Levant, 510 pp. and accompanying CD.

Barker, G. (2006) The Agricultural Revolution in Prehistory: Why Did Foragers Become Farmers? Oxford: Oxford University Press, 598 pp.

Barker, G., D. Gilbertson, G.D.B. Jones & D. Mattingly (eds.) (1996) Farming the Desert: the UNESCO Libyan Valleys Archaeological Survey. Paris: UNESCO (with the Society for Libyan Studies, London and the Department of Antiquities, Tripoli), 2 volumes, 404 pp. and 393 pp.

Barker, G. (1995) A Mediterranean Valley: Landscape Archaeology as Annales History in the Biferno Valley. London: Leicester University Press, 351 pp. [Italian edition (2001) La Valle del Biferno: Archeologia del Territorio e Storia Annalistica. Campobasso: Istituto Regionale per gli Studi Storici del Molise, 372 pp.]]

Overall publication list includes 8 books, 19 edited or co-edited books, and 250+ papers excluding reviews.
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