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Major Publications:

BÁNÁTI D. (2011): Consumer response to food scandals and scares. Trends in Food Science & Technology. Vol. 22. Issues 2-3. pp.: 56-60.

D. BÁNÁTI (2009): Food safety in focus. The last ten years – the first decade of the 21st century in the life of the Central Food Research Institute. Review. Acta Alimentaria. Vol. 38. Supplement. pp.: 21-60.

D. BÁNÁTI (2009): Food production and ecological footprints. Acta Alimentaria. Vol. 38. No. 2. pp.: 151-152.

D. BÁNÁTI (2009): Animal cloning for food supply. Acta Alimentaria. Vol. 38 No. 1. pp.: 117–132.

H. BOEL NIELSEN, A.-M. SONNE, K. G. GRUNERT, D. BÁNÁTI, A. POLLÁK-TÓTH, Z. LAKNER, N. VEFLEN OLSEN, T. PAJK ZONTAR & M. PETERMAN (2009): Consumer perception of the use of high-pressure processing and pulsed electric field technologies in food production. Appetite. Vol. 52. pp.: 115-126.

L.-M. HOUDEBINE, A. DINNYÉS, D. BÁNÁTI, J. KLEINER & D. CARLANDER (2008): Animal cloning for food: epigenetics, health, welfare and food safety aspects. Trends in Food Science & Technology. Vol. 19. Supplement 1. pp.: S88-S95. EFSA Forum: From Safe Food to Healthy Diets.

D. BÁNÁTI (2008): Fear of food in Europe? Fear of foods through Hungarian Experience. Trends in Food Science & Technology. Vol. 19, Issue 8, pp.: 441-444.

D. BÁNÁTI (2006): Agricultural Ethics. Editorial. Acta Alimentaria. Vol. 35. No. 2. pp.: 149-151.

D. BÁNÁTI & Z. LAKNER (2003): Modern biotechnology and the Hungarian consumers. Acta Alimentaria. Vol. 32 (Suppl.). pp.: 5-23.

D. BÁNÁTI (2003): The EU and candidate countries: How to cope with food safety policies? Food Control. Vol. 14 (2). pp.: 89-93.

D. BÁNÁTI (2001): Food safety and consumer acceptance. Acta Alimentaria. Vol. 30. No. 3. pp.: 231-232.
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