Shankar Balasubramanian - Selected Publications#

>260 journal articles, 1 book and 11 granted international patents. > 42,000 citations; h-index= 101
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251. R Hänsel-Hertsch, A Simeone, A Shea, W Hui, K Zyner, G Marsico, O Rueda, A Bruna, A Martin, X Zhang, S Adhikari, D Tannahill, C Caldos and S Balasubramanian
Landscape of G-quadruplex DNA structural regions in breast cancer
Nature Genetics, 2020, 52, 878-883

220. G Guilbaud, P Murat, B Recolin, B Campbell, A Maiter, J E Sale and S Balasubramanian Local epigenetic reprogramming induced by G-quadruplex ligands
Nature Chemistry, 2017, 9, 1110-1117

197. V S Chambers, G Marsico, J M Boutell, M Di Antonio, G P Smith and S Balasubramanian High-throughput sequencing of DNA G-quadruplex structures in the human genome Nat. Biotechnol., 2015, 33, 877–881

179. M Bachman, S Uribe-Lewis, X Yang, M Williams, A Murrell and S Balasubramanian 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine is a predominantly stable DNA modification
Nature Chemistry, 2014, 6, 1049-1055

158. G Biffi, J McCafferty, D Tannahill and S Balasubramanian
Quantitative Visualization of DNA G-quadruplex Structures in Human Cells Nature Chemistry, 2013, 5, 182 – 186

149. M J Booth, M R Branco, G Ficz, D Oxley, F Krueger, W Reik and S Balasubramanian
Quantitative Sequencing of 5-Methylcytosine and 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine at Single-Base Resolution Science, 2012, 336, 934-937

111. D R Bentley, S Balasubramanian, H P Swerdlow et al
Accurate whole human genome sequencing using reversible terminator chemistry
 Nature, 2008, 456, 53-59

96. S Kumari, A Bugaut, J L Huppert and S Balasubramanian
An RNA G-quadruplex in the 5' UTR of the NRAS proto-oncogene modulates translation
 Nature Chem. Biol., 2007, 3, 218-221

63. L Ying, J J Green, H Li, D Klenerman and S Balasubramanian
Studies on the structure and dynamics of the human telomeric quadruplex by single molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 2003, 100, 14629-14634

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