Jean-Marie Baland - Selected publications#

with Jim Robinson: The political value of land: political reforms and land prices in Chile, CEPR working paper, 2012, American Journal of Political Science (forthcoming).

with K. Moene and J. Robinson, ‘Governance and Development’, in D. Rodrik and M. Rosenzweig (eds), The Handbook of Development Economics Volume 5, Elsevier, North-Holland, Chapter 69, pp. 4597-4656, 2011.

with Catherine Guirkinger and Charlotte Mali: ‘Pretending to be poor: borrowing to escape forced solidarity in credit cooperatives in Cameroon’, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2011, vol. 60(1), 1-16.

with Cedric Duprez: ‘Are labels effective against child labor?’, Journal of Public Economics, 2009, 93, 1125-30; CEPR WP4542 and BREAD WP.

with Siwan Anderson and Karl-Ove Moene, 'Sustainability and organizational design in informal groups, with some evidence from Kenyan Roscas', Journal of Development Economics, 2009, 90(1), 14-23; BREAD WP.

with Jim Robinson, ‘Land and Power, theory and evidence from Chile’, American Economic Review, 2008, 98 (5), 1737-66 (lead article); BREAD WP.

with O. Dagnelie and D. Ray: 'Inequality and inefficiency in joint projects', Economic Journal, 2007, Volume 117, Issue 522, pp 922-35

with F. Estevan: 'Mortality risks, education and child labor’, Journal of Development Economics, Volume 84, Issue 1, September 2007, Pages 118-13; CEPR WP4262 and BREAD WP.

with S. Anderson: 'The Economics of Roscas and intra-household resource allocation', Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2002, 117(3), August 2002, pp 963-95.

with J. Robinson : 'Is child labour inefficient?', Journal of Political Economy, 2000 , 108(4), 663-79 (lead article).
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