Jostein Bakke - Selected Publications#

1. Inger Greve Alsos, Dilli Prasad Rijal, Dorothee Ehrich, Dirk Nikolaus Karger, Nigel Gilles Yoccoz, Peter D Heintzman, Antony G Brown, Youri Lammers, Loïc Pellissier, Torbjørn Alm, Kari Anne Bråthen, Eric Coissac, Marie Kristine Føreid Merkel, Adriana Alberti, France Denoeud, Jostein Bakke, PhyloNorway Consortium (2022); Postglacial species arrival and diversity buildup of northern ecosystems took millennia. Science advances, 8, 39. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abo7434

Comment: New insights into the the expansion of natural ecosystems at high northern latitudes, based on sedimentary DNA

2. Manon Bajard, Eirik Ballo, Helge I. Høeg, Jostein Bakke, Eivind Støren, Kjetil Loftsgarden, Frode Iversen, William Hagopian, Anne H. Jahren, Henrik H. Svensen, Kirstin Krüger (2022); Climate adaptation of pre-Viking societies. Quaternary Science Reviews, 278,

Comment: Couples climate science and archaeology to provide unique insights into pre-Viking societal response to climate

3. Bakke, J, Paasche, Ø., Schaefer, J. and Timmermann, A. 2021: Long-term demise of sub-Antarctic glaciers modulated by the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies, Scientific Reports, 11, 1-10.

Comment: A new approach to understanding Southern Hemisphere climate dynamics, coupling glaciers and wind regime of the Southern Westerlies

4. Xia, Z.,Toska Oppedal, L., Van der Putten, N., Bakke, J., Yu, Z. (2020): Ecological response of a glacier-fed peatland to late Holocene climate and glacier changes on sub-Antarctic South Georgia, Quaternary Science Reviews, 250, 106679,

Comment: Novel findings on Southern Ocean paleoenvironments from a remote island site

5. van der Bilt, W. G. M., D'Andrea, W. J., Werner, J. P., & Bakke, J. (2019). Early Holocene temperature oscillations exceed amplitude of observed and projected warming in Svalbard lakes. Geophysical Research Letters, 46

Comment: High resolution sedimentary records reveal exceptional early Holocene temperatures that exceed both modern and projected Arctic warming

6. Bakke, J., Balascio, N., van der Bilt, G.W., Bradley, R., D' Andrea, W., Gjerde, M., Olafsdottir, S., Røthe, T., DeWet, G. (2018): The Island of Amsterdamøya: A key site for studying past climate in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. Quaternary Science Reviews, 183, 157-163.

Comment: New understanding of Svalbard climate based on a key location in NE Spitsbergen

7. Bakke, J., Lie, Ø., Heegaard, E., Dokken, T., Haug, G., Birks, H.H., Dulski, P. and Nilsen., T. 2009: Rapid oceanic and atmospheric changes during the Younger Dryas cold period. Nature Geoscience, 2 (3), 202-205. [cited 296 times]

Comment: First evidence for "flickering" climate due to ocean instability, at a key time of climate transition

8. Bakke, J., Lie, O., Dahl S.O., Nesje A., and Bjune A.E. 2008: Strength and spatial patterns of the Holocene wintertime westerlies in the NE Atlantic region. Global and Planetary Change. 60 (1-2) 28-41.

Comment: A new method for obtaining data on shifting atmospheric patterns in the Holocene.

9. Bjune AE, Bakke J, Nesje A, Birks HJ. 2005: Holocene mean July temperature and winter precipitation in western Norway inferred from palynological and glaciological lake-sediment proxies. The Holocene. 15(2):177-89. [cited 165 times]

Comment: An innovative approach that combines different records to obtain both temperature and precipitation resonstructions.

10. Bakke, J., Lie, Ø., Nesje, A., Dahl, S.O. and Paasche, Ø. 2005: Utilizing physical sediment variability in glacier-fed lakes for continuous glacier reconstructions during the Holocene, Folgefonna, western Norway. The Holocene, 15, 2, 161-176. [cited 143 times]

Comment: A breakthrough in estimating glacier size from downstream lake sediments

Professor Bakke has published 83 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including the most respected journals in the field and in nartural sciences in general, 12 book chapters, 33 popular science articles and 168 conference papers. According to Google scholar his work is cited 3940 times with an H-index of 34.

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