Antoine Bailly#

Obituary, The International Geographical Union (IGU)
Obituary, The European Regional Science Association (ERSA)
Obituary, The Regional Science Association International (RSAI)

Short curriculum vitae#

Selected University Positions and Related Associations

  • President, University of Geneva Council
  • President, University of Geneva Association of University Professors
  • President, Association of Swiss University Professors
  • Chair of the Jury of the Vautrin Lud Prize in geography

Selected National and International Recognition (Past or Present)
  • Past and Honorary President of French Speaking Regional Science Association
  • President, Western Regional Science Association
  • Vice President of European Regional Science Association and chair of the Long Range Planning Committee
  • President, Regional Science Association International
  • President, Swiss National Committee of the International Geographic Union (IGU)
  • President of the IGU Applied Geography Comrnission
  • Beaulieu Prize for Medicometric Research (Switzerland)
  • Past Scientific Director of the International Festival of Geography (France)

Selected Editorial Boards
  • L‘Espace Géographique
  • La Revue d'Econo1nie Régionale et Urbaine
  • La Revue de Geographic Alpine
  • Progress in Geography
  • La Revue canadienne de Science Régionale
  • Papers in Regional Science
  • Annals of Regional Science
  • Geographica Helvetica
  • Finisterra
  • Mappemonde
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