Piero Baglioni - Selected Publications#

>530 publications; 18 patents

Scientific Metrics:
  • WoS: H-index 58, ca. 14700
  • Google scholar: H-index 68, >20000 citations

1. Mastrangelo, R.; Chelazzi, D.; Poggi, G.; Fratini, E.; Buemi, L.P.; Petruzzellis, M.L.; Baglioni, P. - Twin-chain polymer hydrogels based on poly(vinyl alcohol) as new advanced tool for the cleaning of modern and contemporary art. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2020, 117, 7011-7020.

2. Noferini, D.; Faraone, A.; Rossi, M.; Mamontov, E.; Fratini, E.; Baglioni, P. – Disentangling Polymer Network and Hydration Water Dynamics in Polyhydroxyethyl Methacrylate Physical and Chemical Hydrogels. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2019, 123, 19183-19194.

3. Gelli, R.; Ridi, F.; Baglioni, P. – The importance of being amorphous: calcium and magnesium phosphates in the human body. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 2019, 269, 219-235.

4. Chelazzi, D.; Giorgi, R.; Baglioni, P. - Microemulsions, Micelles, and Functional Gels: How Colloids and Soft Matter Preserve Works of Art. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2018, 57, 7296-7303.

5. Baglioni, M.; Montis, C.; Chelazzi, D.; Giorgi, R.; Berti, D.; Baglioni, P. - Polymer Film Dewetting by Water/Surfactant/Good-Solvent Mixtures: A Mechanistic Insight and Its Implications for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2018, 57, 7355-7359.

6. Baglioni, M.; Domingues, J.A.L.; Carretti, E.; Fratini, E.; Chelazzi, D.; Giorgi, R.; Baglioni, P. - Complex Fluids Confined into Semi-interpenetrated Chemical Hydrogels for the Cleaning of Classic Art: A Rheological and SAXS Study. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018, 10, 19162-19172.

7. Bonelli, N.; Montis, C.; Mirabile, A.; Berti, D.; Baglioni, P. - Restoration of paper artworks with microemulsions confined in hydrogels for safe and efficient removal of adhesive tapes. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 2018, 115, 5932-5937.

8. Le, P.S.; Fratini, E.; Zhang, L.L.; Ito, K.; Mamontov, E.; Baglioni, P.; Chen, S.H. - Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering Study of Hydration Water in Synthetic Cement: An Improved Analysis Method Based on a New Global Model. Journal Of Physical Chemistry C 2017, 121, 12826-12833.

9. Mallamace, F.; Corsaro, C.; Mallamace, D.; Vasi, S.; Vasi, C.; Baglioni, P.; Buldyrev, SV.; Chen, SH.; Stanley, HE. - Energy landscape in protein folding and unfolding. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2016, 113, 3159-3163

10. Baglioni, P.; Carretti, E.; Chelazzi, D. - Nanomaterials in art conservation. Nature Nanotechnology 2015, 10, 287-290.

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