Sverre Bagge - Selected publications#

Society and Politics in Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla, Berkeley etc. The University of California Press 1991}, 339 pp.

Kings, Politics, and the Right Order of the World in German Historiography c. 950-1150. Studies in the History of Christian Thought
103 (Leiden:Brill 2002) 444 pp.

"Christianization and State Formation in Early Medieval Norway", Scandinavian Journal of History 30 (2005), pp. 107-34.

"The Making of a Missionary King- the Medieval Accounts of OlafTryggvason and the Conversion of Norway", Journal of English and Germanic Philology 1OS (2006), pp.473-513.

"Aims and Means in the Inter-Nordic Conflicts 1302-1319", Scandinavian Journal of History 32 (2007), pp. 1-33.

"Actors and Structures in Machiavelli's lstorie Fiorentine",Quaderni d'italianistica 28.2 (2007), pp. 1-43.

"Warrior,King and Saint: The MedievalHistories about St. 61afr Haraldsson",Journal of English and Germanic Philology 109.3 (2010}, pp. 281-321.

From Viking Stronghold to Christian Kingdom. State Formation in Norway, c.900-1350 (København: Museum Tusculanum Forlag,

"Ethics, Politics, and Providence in William of Malmesbury's Historia Novella", Viator 41 (2010), pp.113-32.

"The Model Emperor - Einhard's Charlemagne in Widukind and Rahewin", Viator 43 (2012)
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