Sergey Nikolayevich Bagayev - Selected publications#

Temperature shift of the Lamb dip in methane at 3.39 µm
Bagayev S.N., Chebotayev V.P.
JETP Letters. - 1972. - vol.16, no. 11. - pp. 614-617.

Frequency stability and reproducibility of the 3.39 µm He-Ne laser stabilized on the methane line
Bagaev S.N., Chebotaev V.P.
Applied Physics. - 1975. V.7, N 1. - P.71-76.

Continuous coherent radiation in methane at 3.39 µm in spatially separated fields
Bagayev S.N., Chebotaev V.P., Dychkov A.S.
Applied Physics A. - 1978. - V.15, N 2. - P. 209-211.

Super-high resolution spectroscopy in methane and cold molecules
Bagayev S.N., Baklanov A.E., Chebotayev V.P., Dychkov A.S.
Applied Physics B. - 1989. - V.48, N 1. - P.31-35.

Absolute frequency measurement of the In+ clock transition with a mode-locked laser
Zanthier J.von, Becker Th., Eichenseer M., Nevsky A.Yu., Schwedes Ch., Peik E., Walther H., Holzwarth R., Reichert J., Udem Th., Hänsch T.W., Pokasov P.V., Skvortsov M.N., Bagayev S.N.
Optics Letters. - 2000. - V.25, N 23. - P.1729-1731.

Josephson dynamics for coupled polariton modes under the atom-field interaction in the cavity
Alodjants A.P., Arakelian S.M., Bagayev S.N., Egorov V.S., Leksin A.Y.
Applied Physics B. - 2007. - V.89, N 1. - P.81-89.

"Novel polycrystalline laser material: Nd3+: Y3Al5O12 ceramics fabricated by the high-pressure colloidal slip-casting (HPCSC) method"
Kaminskii A. et al.
PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI A, 204, 2411(2007)

Fabrication and characteristics of neodymium-activated yttrium oxide optical ceramics
Bagayev S.N., Osipov V.V., Ivanov M.G., Solomonov V.I., Platonov V.V., Orlov A.N., Rasuleva A.V., Vatnik S.M.
Optical Materials. - 2009. - V.31, N 5. - P.740-743.

Exawatt laser systems – a new stage in the development of laser physics
Bagaev S.N., Pestryakov E.V., Trunov V.I.v Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics. - 2010. - Vol. 23, no. 10. - pp. 845-853.

Atomic сlocks with suppressed blackbody radiation shift
Yudin V.I., Taichenachev A.V., Okhapkin M.V., Bagayev S.N., Tamm Chr., Peik E., Huntemann N., Mehlstaubler T.E., Riehle F.
Physical Review Letters. - 2011. - V.107, N 3. - 030801.
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