Ricardo Baeza-Yates - Selected Publications#

1) R. Baeza-Yates and B. Ribeiro-Neto. Modern Information Retrieval: the concepts and technology behind search, second edition. Addison-Wesley, UK, 913 pages, 2011. This edition has been already translated to Chinese (2012, 672 pages) and the 10 main chapters to Portuguese (2013, 614 pages). The first edition was published by ACM Press/Addison-Wesley, UK, 513 pages, in 1999, and was translated to Chinese and Korean and printed in special editions for China and India. This is the most cited book in information retrieval with more than 21 thousand citations. See details at https://mir2ed.org.

2) R Baeza-Yates, GH Gonnet. A new approach to text searching, Communications of the ACM 35 (10), 74-82, 1992 (990 citations in Google Scholar)

3) R Baeza-Yates, C Hurtado, M Mendoza. Query recommendation using query logs in search engines, International Conference on Extending Database Technology, 588-596, 2004 (810 citations in Google Scholar)

4) R Baeza-Yates, JC Culberson, GJE Rawlins. Searching in the plane. Information and Computation 106 (2), 234-252, 1993 (550 citations in Google Scholar)

5) R Baeza-Yates, A Tiberi. Extracting semantic relations from query logs. Proceedings of the 13th ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2007 (400 citations in Google Scholar)

6) R. Baeza-Yates. Bias on the Web. Communications of the ACM 61 (6), 54-61, 2018. (350 citations in Google Scholar)

7) R Baeza-Yates, A Gionis, F Junqueira, V Murdock, V Plachouras, Fabrizio Silvestri.The impact of caching on search engines. Proceedings of the 30th annual International ACM conference on Information Retrieval, 2007 (290 citations in Google Scholar).

8) L Rello, R Baeza-Yates, A Ali, JP Bigham, M Serra. Predicting risk of dyslexia with an online gamified test, Plos one 15 (12), 2020.

9) R Baeza-Yates, D Saez-Trumper. Wisdom of the crowd or wisdom of a few? An analysis of users' content generation. Proceedings of the 26th ACM conference on hypertext & social media, 69-74, 2015.

10) R Baeza-Yates, D Jiang, F Silvestri, B Harrison. Predicting the next app that you are going to use. Proceedings of the Eighth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Mining, 2015.

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