András Báldi - Biography#

Báldi is dedicated to understand and maintain patterns and processes of biological diversity; recently the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services are in his focus, mainly - but not exclusively – pollination, conservation biological control and soil decomposition. He started new researches, which use a holistic approach on above and below ground ecosystem functions, or on climate change effects on whole 'apple tree' systems.

He was among the first who published high level papers on farmland biodiversity and ecosystem servicesf from his region, was involved into research cooperations (FP5, FP7, H2020), and actively contributed to the European level development of conservation biology as society president, and conference chair.

As member of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of IPBES, Báldi overviewed and participated in the following global deliverables: i) task force on data and knowledge, ii) guide on assessments, iii) scoping regional and subregional assessments, and iv) assessment on pollinators, pollination and food production.

His mission in Hungary is to develop an effective science-policy interface and to move the ad hoc decision making in conservation to an evidence based system. He initiated (using participatory methods) the identification of most important questions for nature conservation, and an environmental horizon scanning 2050.

Báldi holds university courses, and has 2-3 supervised PhD students. His former students became Humboldt fellow, published papers in Ecology Letters, Nature Ecology and Evolution, Global Change Biology, etc.

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