Marcis Auzinsh#

Short laudatio by Zenonas Rudzikas#

Marcis Auzinsh' achievements are recognized in the large number of national awards including the Large Medal of the Academy, the highest award of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, to which Marcis Auzinsh was elected as a full member in 1998, at that time being the youngest member of the Academy.

Professor Auzinsh leads a large research group. He has been and still is a principal investigator on a large number of national projects (7) and projects funded by the European Commission (3), NATO (4), NSF (1) and bilateral projects (5), some of which are ongoing.

His original research results are published in 86 papers in SCI journals. Among them are 5 papers in Physical Review Letters, 14 in Physical Review A and 13 in the Journal of Chemical Physics. He has published around 150 book chapters, papers in conference proceedings, article collections and conference theses. The main results are summarized in two monographs. The first book, Optical Polarization of Molecules, printed at Cambridge University Press and written in collaboration with Prof. Ruvin Ferber, was published in 1995 and reprinted in 2005. In 2010 Oxford University Press published a second monograph, Optically Polarized Atoms: Understanding Light-Atom Interactions, which he wrote together with his colleagues form the University of California at Berkeley, Prof. Dmitry Budker and Mr. Simon Rochester.

Already during the work on his Master's Thesis, when he directly measured thermalization kinetics and the thermalization rate of diatomic molecules, Marcis Auzinsh achieved outstanding results that were published in leading physics journals. During his PhD Thesis work he discovered several previously unknown effects related to the manifestation of high rank multipole moments of quantum density matrices and additional structure in magneto-optical resonances in the polarization rate of the laser induced fluorescence of diatomic molecules that exceeded the classical limit.

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