Gareth Meredith Austin - Selected publications#


Labour, Land and Capital in Ghana: From Slavery to Free Labour in Asante, 1807-1956
(University of Rochester Press: Rochester, NY, January 2005; paperback, December 2008). 600+ pages including prelims.

Forthcoming: Markets, Slaves and States in West African History (c1450-present) (Cambridge
University Press)

(Edited, with Kaoru Sugihara) In press: Labour-Intensive Industrialization in Global History (edited, with Kaoru Sugihara), (Routledge 2013)


Forthcoming: « La coercition et les marchés : concilier des explications économiques et sociales
de l’esclavage en Afrique de l’Ouest précoloniale, c1450-c1900 » (translated by Darla Gervais), special issue of Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine, « Le travail, de gré ou de force: entre esclavage et salariat, le travail contraint dans le monde », sous la direction de Philippe Minard et Alessandro Stanziani.

Co-authored with Joerg Baten and Bas van Leeuwen, ‘The biological standard of living in early nineteenth-century West Africa: new anthropometic evidence for northern Ghana and Burkina Faso’, Economic History Review. Published ‘early online’ September 2011 (print version forthcoming 2012-13). DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.2011.00627.x

‘The developmental state and labour-intensive industrialization: “late development” re-considered’, Economic History of the Developing Regions, 25: 1 (2010), pp. 51-74.

‘Développement économique et legs coloniaux en Afrique’, Revue internationale de politique de développement, 1 (2010), pp. 11-36. DOI 10.4000/poldev.135 (English version: :‘African economic development and colonial legacies’, International Development Policy Series 1, pp. 11-32. DOI 10.4000/poldev.78)

‘Factor markets in Nieboer conditions: early modern West Africa, c.1500-c.1900’, Continuity and Change, 24: 1 (2009), pp. 23-53.

‘Cash crops and freedom: export agriculture and the decline of slavery in colonial West Africa’, International Review of Social History, 54: 1 (2009), pp. 1-37.

‘The “Reversal of fortune” thesis and the compression of history: perspectives from African and comparative economic history’, Journal of International Development 20: 8 (2008), pp.996-1027.

‘Resources, techniques and strategies south of the Sahara: revising the factor endowments perspective on African economic development, 1500-2000’. Economic History Review, 61: 3 (2008), pp. 587-624.

‘Reciprocal comparison and African history: tackling conceptual euro-centrism in the study of Africa’s economic past’, African Studies Review, 50: 3 (December 2007), pp. 1-28. Translated as ‘Oltre l’eurocentrismo. La storia economica dell’Africa e l’approccio comparato’, Passato e presente numero 73, anno XXVI (2008), pp. 65-90.

With Chibuike Uche, ‘Collusion and competition in colonial economies: banking in British West Africa, 1916-1960’, Business History Review 81 (Spring 2007), pp.1-26.

‘Labour and land in Ghana, 1879-1939: a shifting ratio and an institutional revolution’, Australian Economic History Review (special issue on ‘Factor Prices and the Performance of Less Industrialised Countries), 47: 1 (March 2007), pp. 95-120. This article won the Sir Thomas Coghlan Prize for the best article in AEHR in 2007.


In press: ‘Developmental “paths” and “civilizations” in Africa and Asia: reflections on
strategies for integrating cultural and material explanations of differential long-term economic performance’, in Timur Kuran (ed.), Economic Theory and Developmental, Institutional Analysis. (Palgrave, 2012), pp. 218-32.

Co-authored with Katsuhiko Kitagawa, ‘Afurika Keizaishi Kenkyu no Kaiko to Shin Tenkai’ (‘Retrospect and new developments in African economic historiography’), in Masahisa Kawabata and Takehiko Ochiai (eds), Afrurika to Sekai (Africa and the World), Research Institute of Social Sciences (RISS) series vol. 93, Ryukoku University (Kyoto: Koyo Shobo, 2012), pp. 92-119.

‘A. G. Hopkins, West Africa, and economic history’, in Toyin Falola and Emily Brownell (eds), Africa, Empire and Globalization: Essays in Honor of A. G. Hopkins (Carolina Academic Press: Durham NC, 2011), pp. 51-80.

‘Poverty and development as themes in British films on the Gold Coast, 1927-1957’, in Lee Grieveson and Colin MacCabe (eds), Film and the End of Empire (Palgrave Macmillan for the British Film Institute: London, 2011), pp. 225-35.


Co-authored with Morten Jerven, Erik Green, Chibuike Uche, Ewout Frankema, Johan Fourie, Joseph E. Inikori, Alexander Moradi and Ellen Hillbom, ‘Moving Forward in African Economic History: Bridging the Gap in Methods and Sources’, African Economic History Network Working Paper no. 1 (2012).

‘Foreword’ to new edition of K. Onwuka Dike, Trade and Politics in the Niger Delta 1830-1885 [first published 1956]] (Ibadan: Bookcraft, 2011), vii-xxi.


“No Elders Were Present”: Commoners and Private Ownership in Asante, 1807-1896’, Journal of African History, 37:1 (1996), pp. 1-30. This article was included among 50 ‘field defining papers’ that the Journal of African History made available free online in 2010 to celebrate the first 50 years of the journal.

‘Indigenous Credit Institutions in West Africa, c.1750-c.1960’, in Gareth Austin and Kaoru Sugihara (eds) , Local Suppliers of Credit in the Third World, 1750-1960 (Macmillan: London, 1993), pp. 93-159.
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