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Conditions for stability of droop-controlled inverter-based microgrids, J Schiffer, R Ortega, A Astolfi, J Raisch, T Sezi
Automatica 50 (10), 2457-2469, 2014

Dynamic generalized controllability and observability functions with applications to model reduction and sensor deployment
M Sassano, A Astolfi, Automatica 50 (5), 1349-1359, 2014

Dynamic approximate solutions of the HJ inequality and of the HJB equation for input-affine nonlinear systems
M Sassano, A Astolfi, Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 57 (10), 2490-2503, 2012

Passivity and robust PI control of the air supply system of a PEM fuel cell model
R Talj, R Ortega, A Astolfi, Automatica 47 (12), 2554-2561, 2011

Estimation of rotor position and speed of permanent magnet synchronous motors with guaranteed stability
R Ortega, L Praly, A Astolfi, J Lee, K Nam, Control Systems Technology, IEEE Transactions on 19 (3), 601-614, 2011

Model reduction by moment matching for linear and nonlinear systems
A Astolfi, Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on 55 (10), 2321-2336, IEEE TAC Best Paper Award in 2012, 2010 [65]

Observer design for range and orientation identification, 2010
M Sassano, D Carnevale, A Astolfi, Automatica 46 (8), 1369-1375

Sensorless control of surface-mount permanent-magnet synchronous motors based on a nonlinear observer
J Lee, J Hong, K Nam, R Ortega, L Praly, A Astolfi, Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on 25 (2), 290-297, 2010

A globally exponentially convergent immersion and invariance speed observer for mechanical systems with non-holonomic constraints, A Astolfi, R Ortega, A Venkatraman, Automatica 46 (1), 182-189, 2010
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