Irina Artemieva - Selected papers#

A complete list and pdf files can be downloaded from: A single-authored monograph "The lithosphere" (Cambridge University Press, 450 pp.) is almost completed.

Artemieva I.M., 2009. The continental lithosphere: Reconciling thermal, seismic, and petrologic data. Lithos, 109, 23-46.

Artemieva I.M., 2007. Dynamic topography of the East European Craton: Shedding light upon the lithospheric structure, composition and mantle dynamics. Global Planet. Change, v. 58, 411-434.

Artemieva I.M., 2006. Global 1°x1° thermal model TC1 for the continental lithosphere: implications for lithosphere secular evolution. Tectonophys., 416, 245-277.

Artemieva I.M., Thybo H., and Kaban M.K., 2006. Deep Europe today: Geophysical synthesis of the upper mantle structure and lithospheric processes. In: D. Gee and R. Stephenson (Eds.), European Lithosphere Dynamics. Geol. Soc. London. Mem. 32, 11-41.

Artemieva I.M., Billien M., Leveque J.-J., and Mooney W.D., 2004. Shear-wave velocity, seismic attenuation, and thermal structure of the continental upper mantle. Geophys. J. Int., 157, 607-628.

Artemieva I.M., 2003. Lithospheric structure, composition, and thermal regime of the East European craton: Implications for the subsidence of the Russian Platform. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 213, 429-444.

Kaban M.K., Schwintzer P., Artemieva I.M., and Mooney W.D., 2003. Density of continental roots: compositional and thermal effects. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 209, 53-69.

Artemieva I.M. and Mooney W.D., 2002. On the relation between cratonic lithosphere thickness, plate motions, and basal drag. Tectonophysics, 358, 211-231.

Meissner R., Mooney W.D., and Artemieva I.M., 2002. Mantle escape inferred from seismic anisotropy in young continental orogens. Geophys. J. Int., 149, 1-14.

Artemieva I.M. and Mooney W.D., 2001. Thermal structure and evolution of Precambrian lithosphere: A global study. J. Geophys. Res., 106, 16387-16414.

Artemieva I.M., 2001. In situ transport and seismic properties of reservoir and hot dry rock. In: J.A. Hood (Ed.), "Advances in Anisotropy: Selected Theory, Modeling, and Case Studies", SEG, Houston, TX, 215-238.

Artemieva I.M., 1996. The dependence of transport properties of in situ rocks on pore fluid composition and temperature. Surveys in Geophysics, 17(3), 289-306.

Artemieva I.M. and Gliko A.O., 1989. Geophysical conditions and the mechanism of the Tien Shan Cenozoic uplift. Gerlands Beitrage zur Geophysik, 98(2), 1-13.

Artemieva I.M., 1989. Influence of volatiles in the upper mantle on the dynamics of thermal thinning of the lithosphere. J. Geodynam., 11(1), 77-97.

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