Gustaf Arrhenius - Selected publications#

(a) Monographs:

Population Ethics, Oxford: Oxford University Press*, forthcoming, 2014.
Future Generations: A Challenge for Moral Theory, Uppsala: University Printers, 2000. (ix+225 pages).

(b) Articles:

“Mutual Advantage Contractarianism and Future Generations”, Theoria, Vol. LXV, part 1, 1999.
“An Impossibility Theorem for Welfarist Axiologies”, Economics & Philosophy, October, 2000.
“Feldman’s Desert-Adjusted Utilitarianism and Population Ethics”, Utilitas, Vol. 15, Number 2, 2003
“The Person Affecting Restriction, Comparativism, and the Moral Status of Potential People”, Ethical Perspectives, no. 3-4, 2003.
“Superiority in Value”, Philosophical Studies, vol. 123, 2005; reprinted in Michael Zimmerman & Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen (eds.) Recent Work on Intrinsic Value, Springer Verlag, 2005.
“The Boundary Problem in Democratic Theory”, in Folke Tersman (ed.) Democracy Unbound: Basic Explorations I, Stockholm: Filosofiska institutionen, Stockholms Universitet, pp. 14-29, 2005.
“Value and Unacceptable Risk: Temkin’s Worries about Continuity Reconsidered”, Economics & Philosophy, vol. 21:2, 2005, together with Wlodek Rabinowicz.
“The Repugnant Conclusion”, in Edward N. Zalta (ed.) The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy,, together with Jesper Ryberg and Torbjörn Tännsjö, 2006 (updated version 2010).
“Desert as Fit: An Axiomatic Analysis” in Richard Feldman, Kris McDaniel, Jason R. Raibley and Michael J. Zimmerman (eds.) The Good, the Right, Life and Death, Ashgate, 2006.
“Can the Person Affecting Restriction Solve the Problems in Population Ethics?” in M. Roberts & D. Wasserman (eds.) Harming Future Persons*, Ashgate, 2009.
“The Repugnant Conclusion”* in H. La Follette (ed.), International Encyclopaedia of Ethics, Oxford: Blackwell, 2013.
“The Impossibility of a Satisfactory Population Ethics” in H. Colonius and E. Dzhafarov (eds.) Descriptive and Normative Approaches to Human Behavior, Advanced Series on Mathematical Psychology, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2011.
“Population Change and Inequality” in Ole Frithjof Norheim (ed.) Measurement and Ethical Evaluation of Health Inequalities, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
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