Johann Pall Arnason - Selected Publications#

The Future that Failed: Origins and Destinies of the Soviet Model, London, Routledge, 1993, 239 pp.

Social Theory and Japanese Experience: The Dual Civilization, Kegan Paul International, London, 1997, xix+559p.

The Peripheral Centre: Essays on Japanese History and Civilization. Trans Pacific Press, Melbourne, 2002, 234 p.

Civilizations in Dispute: Historical Questions and Theoretical Traditions. Brill, Leiden, 2003, 380 p.

With David Roberts: Elias Canetti’s Counter-Image of Society. Crowds, Power, Transformation. Camden House, Rochester N.Y., 2004. 166 p.

Edited, with Björn Wittrock: Eurasian Transformations, Tenth to Thirteenth Centuries: Crystallizations, Divergences, Renaissances. Brill, Leiden, 2004.

Edited, with S. N. Eisenstadt and Björn Wittrock: Axial Civilizations and World History. Brill, Leiden, 2005.

Edited, with Natalie J. Doyle: Domains and Divisions of European History, Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, 2010.

Edited, with Kurt A, Raaflaub: The Roman Empire in Context: Comparative and Historical Perspectives, Blackwell, Malden/MA, 2011.

Edited with Björn Wittrock: Nordic Paths to Modernity. Berghahn Books, New York and Oxford, 2012.

Edited with Kurt Raaflaub and Peter Wagner: The Greek Polis and the Origins of Democracy. Blackwell, Malden/MA, 2013.

Weltliche Autonomie und Religion in der Konstitution der Moderne (Blumenberg-Vorlesungen 3), Herder Verlag, Freiburg.

The Labyrinth of Modernity, Rowman & Littlefield, 2020.

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