Detlev Arendt - Selected Publications#

Arendt, D. and Nübler-Jung, K. (1994). Inversion of dorsoventral axis? Nature 371, 26

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Arendt, D. (2008). The evolution of cell types in animals: emerging principles from molecular studies. Nat Rev Genet 9, 868-82.

Tosches, M. A., Bucher, D., Vopalensky, P., Arendt, D. (2014) Melatonin signaling controls circadian swimming behavior in marine zooplankton Cell 159(1):46-57

Lauri, A., Brunet, T., Handberg-Thorsager, M., Fischer, A. H., Simakov, O., Steinmetz, P. R., Tomer, R., Keller, P. J., Arendt, D. Development of the annelid axochord: insights into notochord evolution. Science 345(6202):1365-8

Achim, K., Pettit, J.-B., Saraiva, L. R., Gavriouchkina, D., Larsson, T., Arendt, D.*, Marioni, J. C.* (2015) Single-cell expression profiling and spatial mapping into tissue of origin. Nature Biotech. 33, 503-509

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