Alfonso Araque - Major publications#

1. Perea G, Navarrete M, Araque A (2009) Tripaitite synapses: astrocytes process and control synaptic information. Trends in Neurosciences 32: 421-431.

2. Navarrete M, Araque A (2008) Endocannabinoids mediate neuron-astrocyte communication. Neuron 57: 883-893.

3. Perea G, Araque A (2007) Astrocytes potentiate transmitter release at single hippocampal synapses. Science 317:1083-1086.

4. Perea G, Araque A (2005) Properties of synaptically evoked astrocyte Ca2+ signal reveal synaptic information processing by astrocytes. Journal of Neuroscience 25: 2l92-2203.

5. Araque A, Martin ED, Perea G, Arellano Jl, Buno W (2002) Synaptically released acetylcholine evokes Ca2+ elevations in astrocytes in hippocampal slices. Journal of Neuroscience 22: 2443-2450.

6. Araque A, Carmignoto G, Haydon PG (2001) Dynamic signaling between astrocytes and neurons. Annual Review of Physiology 63: 795-813.

7. Araque A, Nianzhen L, Doyle RT, Haydon PG (2000) SNARE protein-dependent glutamate release from astrocytes. Journal of Neuroscience 20: 666-673.

8. Araque A, Parpura V, Sanzgiri RP, l-laydon PG (1999) Tripartite synapses: Glia, the unacknowledged partner. Trends in Neurosciences 22: 208-215.

9. Araque A, Sanzgiri RP, Parpura V, I-iaydon PG (1998) Calcium elevation in astrocytes causes an NMDA receptor-dependent increase in the frequency of miniature synaptic currents in cultured hippocampal neurons. Journal of Neuroscience 18: 6822-6829.

10. Araque A, Parpura V, Sanzgiri RP, Haydon PG (1998) Glutamate-dependent astrocyte modulation of synaptic transmission between cultured hippocampal neurons. European Journal of Neuroscience 10: 2129-2142.

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