Gregor Anderluh - Publications#

Published 129 papers (18 review papers), 13 book chapters, 2 commentaries, 5 patents and 2 patent applications (full list of publications available at

3576 citations (Web of Science), H index 33.

List of representative publications:

1. Podobnik M, Savory P, Rojko N, Kisovec M, Wood N, Hambley R, Pugh J, Wallace EJ, McNeill L, Bruce M, Liko I, Allison TM, Mehmood S, Yilmaz N, Kobayashi T, Gilbert RJ, Robinson CV, Jayasinghe L, Anderluh G (2016) Crystal structure of an invertebrate cytolysin pore reveals unique properties and mechanism of assembly. Nature Communications 7: 11598.

2. Ruan Y, Rezelj S, Bedina Zavec A, Anderluh G, Scheuring S (2016) Listeriolysin O Membrane Damaging Activity Involves Arc Formation and Lineaction -- Implication for Listeria monocytogenes Escape from Phagocytic Vacuole. PLoS Pathogens 12: e1005597. SHARED CORRESPONDING AUTHORSHIP

3. Rojko N, Anderluh G (2015) How Lipid Membranes Affect Pore Forming Toxin Activity. Accounts of Chemical Research 48(12): 3073-3079. REVIEW

4. Podobnik M, Marchioretto M, Zanetti M, Bavdek A, Kisovec M, Cajnko MM, Lunelli L, Dalla Serra M, Anderluh G (2015) Plasticity of lysteriolysin O pores and its regulation by pH and unique histidine. Sci Rep 5: 9623. Erratum in: Sci Rep. 2015;5:15690.

5. Gilbert RJC, Dalla Serra M, Froelich CJ, Wallace MI, Anderluh G (2014) Membrane pore formation at protein–lipid interfaces. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 39(11): 510-516. REVIEW

6. MACPF/CDC Proteins - Agents of Defence, Attack and Invasion (Anderluh G, Gilbert RJ, eds.). 2014. Springer. EDITED BOOK

7. Praper T, Sonnen AF, Kladnik A, Andrighetti AO, Viero G, Morris KJ, Volpi E, Lunelli L, Dalla Serra M, Froelich CJ, Gilbert RJ, Anderluh G (2011) Perforin activity at membranes leads to invaginations and vesicle formation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108(52): 21016-21021.

8. Proteins: membrane binding and pore formation. (Anderluh G, Lakey JH, eds.). 2010. Springer. EDITED BOOK

9. Hodnik V, Anderluh G (2009) Toxin detection by surface plasmon resonance. Sensors (Basel) 9(3): 1339-1354. REVIEW

10. Anderluh G, Lakey JH (2008) Disparate proteins use similar architectures to damage membranes. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 33(10): 482-490. REVIEW

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