Heitor Alvelos - Selected Publications#

(2004 –) present Autodigest. Edition of media documents detailing the collapse and regeneration of contemporary popular culture. Ash International, Crónica Electrónica, The Tapeworm, Touch.
(2015) Foreword to Simão, Emília, et al (eds.). Exploring Psychedelic Trance and Electronic Dance Music in Modern Culture. IGI Global.
(2015) Faith. CD. Touch, TO:97, London.
(2015) Alvelos, Heitor, Anselmo Canha and Fátima São Simão. Why it makes sense to speak of emancipation: an overview of futureplaces as a current space for Punk to rise and reinvent. in Guerra, Paula, and Moreira, Tânia (eds.). Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! Porto: FLUP, 2015.
(2014) Pereira, Jorge, and Heitor Alvelos. Stories of Chairs: Digital Media and Participation in Creative Communication. in Knoblauch, Hubert / Jacobs, Mark / Tuma, René (eds.) Culture, Communication, and Creativity: Reframing the Relations of Media, Knowledge, and Innovation in Society. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2014.
(2014) The “D” Word: Sete considerações e tácticas em redor da múltipla destituição do Design. in Vilar, Emílio (ed). Design Et Al: Dez Perspectivas Contemporâneas. Lisbon: Dom Quixote, 2014.
(2013) Scraping the Barrel of Analogue Amnesia: The Soft Rescue of Magnetic Obscurity Over the Final Embers of ‘Expanded’ pop Stardom. in Deflem, Mathieu (ed). Sociology of Crime Law and Deviance, Volume 18 – Music and Law. Bingley: Emerald, 2013.
(2013) 333: Empirical Evidence on the Validity of a Random Music Label in 2013. in Carvalhais, Miguel, and Pedro Tudela (eds.). Mono, volume 2: Cochlear Poetics – Writings on Music and Sound Arts. Porto: University of Porto, 2013.
(2012) Graffiti that is not graffiti: urban regeneration, legal loopholes, and the rise of “fair vandalism”. in Vaz-Pinheiro, Gabriela (ed). Relational Spaces. Porto: FBAUP, 2012.
(2011) Too Much by Too Many? In search of a role for Design.
in Guerrini, Luca (ed). PhD Notes on Design. Milan: Instituto Politecnico di Milano.
(2009) Reinventar o Design: notas sobre o ensino e a aprendizagem de uma prática humana. in Sena da Silva. Lisbon: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
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