Geneviève Almouzni - Selected publications#

  • Maison C., Bailly D., Peters A., Quivy J.P., Roche D., Taddei A., Lachner M., Jenuwein T. & Almouzni G. (2002) Higher-order structure in pericentric heterochromatin involves a distinct pattern of histone modification and an RNA component. Nature Genetics, 30, 329-334.
  • Loyola A., Bonaldi T., Roche D., Imhof A. & Almouzni G. (2006) PTMs on H3 variants before chromatin assembly potentiate their final epigenetic state. Mol. Cell, 24, 309-316.
  • Polo S., Roche D. & Almouzni G. (2006) Evidence for new histone incorporation marking sites of UV-repair in human cells. Cell, 127, 481-493.
  • Groth A., Corpet A., Cook A., Roche D., Bartek J., Lukas J. & Almouzni G. (2007) Regulation of replication fork progression through histone supply/demand. Science, 318, 1928-1931. (Research Roundup : R. Robinson (2008) Histone chaperone regulates replication. J. Cell Biol., 180, 250)
  • Dunleavy E.M., Roche D., Tagami H., Lacoste N., Ray-Gallet D., Nakamura Y., Daigo Y., Nakatani Y. & Almouzni G. (2009) HJURP, a key CENP-A-partner for maintenance and deposition of CENP-A at centromeres at late telophase/G1. Cell, 137, 485-497.
  • Probst A.V., Okamoto I., Casanova M., ElMarjou F., Le Baccon P. & Almouzni G. (2010) A strand-specific burst in transcription of pericentric satellites is required for chromocenter formation and early mouse development. Dev. Cell (in press).

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