Sture Allén#

Published Books

Grafematisk analys som grundval för textedering (Graphemic analysis as a basis for text editing). 1965.

Johan Ekeblads brev till brodern Claes Ekeblad 1639–1655 (Johan Ekeblad's letters to his brother Claes Ekeblad 1639–1655). 1965.

Nusvensk frekvensordbok (Frequency dictionary of present-day Swedish). 1–4. 1970–80. (With others.)

Språklig databehandling (Linguistic data processing). 1970.(With Jan Thavenius.)

Introduktion i grafonomi (An introduction to graphonomy). 1971. (With Staffan Hellberg.)

Tiotusen i topp. Ordfrekvenser i tidningstext (The top ten thousand. Word frequencies in newspaper text). 1972.

Våra viktiga ord. Basordlista med utbytesord (Our essential words. A basic glossary with synonyms). 1977.

Aspects of automatized text processing. 1979. (Ed., with J. S. Petöfi.)

Förnamnsboken (The book of first names). 1979, 3rd rev. ed. 1995. (With S. Wåhlin.)

Svensk baklängesordbok (A Swedish reverse-order dictionary). 1981. (With others.)

Text processing. Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 51. 1982. (Ed.)

Information om "information" (Information on "information"). 1985. (With E. Selander.)

Svenskans beskrivning 15. (The description of Swedish 15). 1985. (Ed., with others.)

Svenska Akademien och svenska språket (The Swedish Academy and the Swedish language). 1986. (With others.)

Svensk ordlista (A Swedish glossary). 46th rev. ed. 2008.

Literary & Linguistic Computing 3:2. 1988. (Ed., with others.)

Possible worlds in humanities, arts and sciences. Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 65. 1988. (Ed.)

Svensk ordbok (A dictionary of Swedish). 3rd rev. ed. 1999. (With others.)

Orden speglar samhället (Words reflect society). 1989. (With others.)

Norstedts svenska baklängesordbok (Norstedts' Swedish reverse-order dictionary). 1994. 3rd ed. 2007. (With C. Sjögreen.)

Of thoughts and words. Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 92. 1995. (Ed.)

Nationalencyklopedins ordbok (The Swedish dictionary of the Swedish National Encyclopaedia). 1–3. 1995–96. (With others.)

Translation of poetry and poetic prose. Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 110. 1999. (Ed.)

Modersmålet i fäderneslandet. Ett urval uppsatser under fyrtio år (Mother tongue in fatherland. A selection of papers in the course of forty years). Festschrift. 1999.

The Nobel prize in literature. An introduction. 2001. (With Kjell Espmark.)

Johan Ekeblad, Breven till Claes. Om livet och hovet på Kristinas tid (Johan Ekeblad, Letters to Claes. On life and court in Christina’s time). 2004. (Ed.)

Johan Ekeblad – vår man i 1600-talet. Minnesteckning (Johan Ekeblad – our man in the 17th century. Memoir). 2004

Svensk ordbok utgiven av Svenska Akademien (A dictionary of Swedish edited by the Swedish Academy). 2009. (With others.)

Other publications
  • About 150 papers (up to 1988 listed in Studies in computer-aided lexicology. To Sture Allén. 1988, pp. 359—375).
  • Editor of the series Data linguistica, Stockholm. (-2006)
  • Co-Editor of the series Lexicographica, Tübingen. (-2005)
  • Editor of Nobel lectures in literature 1968–1995 (3 vols.), Singapore.
  • Responsible for the annual proceedings of the Swedish Academy (Svenska Akademiens handlingar) 1986–1999.

Special tasks
  • Expert reports on applications for professorship.
  • Refereeing for scholarly funds, journals, and conferences.
  • Evaluation of research projects.
  • Language programmes on TV and radio.

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