Artemis Alexiadou - Selected Publications#

Metrics: h-index (Google Scholar, April 2020): 45, 11709 citations


Alexiadou, A. E. Anagnostopoulou & Florian Schäfer. 2015. External arguments in transitivity alternations: a layering approach. Oxford University Press.

Alexiadou, A. 2014. Multiple determiners and the structure of DPs. John Benjamins.

Alexiadou, A. L. Haegeman & M. Stavrou. 2007. Noun phrase in the generative perspective. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Alexiadou, A. 2001. Functional structure in nominals: nominalization, and ergativity. John Benjamins.

Alexiadou, A. 1997. Adverb placement: a case study in antisymmetric syntax. John Benjamins.

Articles in journals

Alexiadou, A. 2014. Roots don't take complements. Theoretical Linguistics 40: 287-298.

Alexiadou, A. & G. Iordachioaia. 2014. The psych causative alternation. Lingua 148: 53-79.

Alexiadou, A. 2001. Adjective syntax and noun raising: word order asymmetries in the DP as the result of adjective distribution. Studia Linguistica 55, 217-248.

Articles in edited volumes

Alexiadou, A. 2017. Ergativity in Nominalization. In J. Coon, D. Massam & L. Travis (eds.) Oxford Handbook on Ergativity. Oxford University Press, 355-372.

Alexiadou, A. 2009. On the role of syntactic locality in morphological processes: the case of (Greek) derived nominals. In A. Giannakidou & M. Rathert (eds.) Quantification, Definiteness and Nominalization. Oxford University Press, 253-280.

List of publications

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