Alessandro Aiuppa - Publications#

Summary from Scopus: 220 papers published, 7760 total citations, h-index 51, 16 publications with 100 citations or more.

10 major publications (in reverse chronological order with majority from last 5 years with some of his older influential papers also included to highlight his impact):

(1) Aiuppa, A., Bitetto, M., Donne, D.D., la Monica, F.P., Tamburello, G., Coppola, D., Schiava, M.D., Innocenti, L., Lacanna, G., Laiolo, M., Massimetti, F., Pistolesi, M., Silengo, M.C., Ripepe, M. Volcanic CO2 tracks the incubation period of basaltic paroxysms (2021) Science Advances, 7 (38), art. no. eabh0191.

(2) Aiuppa, A., Casetta, F., Coltorti, M., Stagno, V., Tamburello, G. Carbon concentration increases with depth of melting in Earth’s upper mantle (2021) Nature Geoscience, 14 (9), 697-703.

(3) Ripepe, M., Lacanna, G., Pistolesi, M., Silengo, M.C., Aiuppa, A., Laiolo, M., Massimetti, F., Innocenti, L., Della Schiava, M., Bitetto, M., La Monica, F.P., Nishimura, T., Rosi, M., Mangione, D., Ricciardi, A., Genco, R., Coppola, D., Marchetti, E., Delle Donne, D., Ground deformation reveals the scale-invariant conduit dynamics driving explosive basaltic eruptions, (2021) Nature Communications, 12(1), 1683.

(4) Aiuppa, A., Hall-Spencer, J.M., Milazzo, M., Turco, G., Caliro, S., Di Napoli, R. Volcanic CO2 seep geochemistry and use in understanding ocean acidification (2021) Biogeochemistry, 152(1), 93-115.

(5) Aiuppa, A., Fischer, T.P., Plank, T., Bani, P. CO2 flux emissions from the Earth’s most actively degassing volcanoes, 2005–2015 (2019) Scientific Reports, 9(1), 5442.

(6) Aiuppa, A., Fischer, T.P., Plank, T., Robidoux, P., Di Napoli, R. Along-arc, inter-arc and arc-to-arc variations in volcanic gas CO2/S ratios reveal dual source of carbon in arc volcanism (2017) Earth-Science Reviews, 168, 24-47.

(7) Chiodini, G., Paonita, A., Aiuppa, A., Costa, A., Caliro, S., De Martino, P., Acocella, V., Vandemeulebrouck, J. Magmas near the critical degassing pressure drive volcanic unrest towards a critical state (2016) Nature Communications, 7, 13712.

(8) Aiuppa, A., Baker, D.R., Webster, J.D. Halogens in volcanic systems (2009) Chemical Geology, 263(1-4), 1–18.

(9) Aiuppa A., Moretti R., Federico C., Giudice G., Gurrieri S., Liuzzo M., Papale P., Shinohara H., Valenza M., Forecasting Etna eruptions by real-time observation of volcanic gas composition (2007) Geology, 35(12), 1115–1118.

(10) Aiuppa, A., Allard, P., D'Alessandro, W., Michel, A., Parello, F., Treuil, M., Valenza, M. Mobility and fluxes of major, minor and trace metals during basalt weathering and groundwater transport at Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily) (2000) Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 64(11), 1827–1841

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