Per Erik Ahlberg - Selected Publications#

Chen, D., Blom, H., Sanchez, S., Tafforeau, P. & Ahlberg, P. E. 2016. The stem osteichthyan Andreolepis and the origin of tooth replacement. Nature 539, 237-241 ("Article"). [2 citations, Google Scholar]

Sanchez, S., Tafforeau, P., Clack, J. A. & Ahlberg, P. E. 2016. Life history of the stem tetrapod Acanthostega revealed by synchrotron microtomography. Nature 537, 408-411 ("Letter"). [2 citations, Google Scholar]

Zhu, M., Ahlberg, P. E., Pan, Z., Zhu, Y., Qiao, T., Zhao, W., Jia, L. & Lu, J. 2016. A new Silurian maxillate placoderm illuminates jaw evolution. Science 354, 334-336 ("Report"). [7 citations, Google Scholar]

Qu, Q., Haitina, T., Zhu, M. & Ahlberg, P. E. 2015. New genomic and fossil data illuminate the origin of enamel. Nature 526, 108-111 ("Letter"). [20 citations, Google Scholar]

Dupret, V., Sanchez, S., Goujet, D., Tafforeau, P. & Ahlberg, P. E. 2014. A primitive placoderm sheds light on the origin of the jawed vertebrate face. Nature 507, 500-503 ("Letter"). [57 citations, Google Scholar]

Trinajstic, K., Sanchez, S., Dupret, V., Tafforeau, P., Long, J., Young, G., Senden, T., Boisvert, C., Power, N. & Ahlberg, P. E. 2013. Fossil musculature of the most primitive jawed vertebrates. Science 341, 160-164 ("Report"). [29 citations, Google Scholar]

Zhu, M., Yu, X., Ahlberg, P. E., Choo, B., Lu, J., Qiao, T., Qu, Q., Zhao, W., Jia, L., Blom, H. & Zhu, Y. 2013. A Silurian placoderm with osteichthyan-like marginal jaw bones. Nature 502, 188-193 ("Article"). [105 citations, Google Scholar]

Niedzwiedzki, G., Szrek, P., Narkiewicz, K., Narkiewicz, M. & Ahlberg, P. E. 2010. Tetrapod trackways from the early Middle Devonian period of Poland. Nature 463, 43-48 (“Article”). [168 citations, Google Scholar]

Ahlberg, P. E., Clack, J. A., Luksevics, E., Blom, H. & Zupins, I. 2008. Ventastega curonica and the origin of tetrapod morphology. Nature 453, 1199-1204 (“Article”). [74 citations, Google Scholar]

Matsuoka, T., Ahlberg, P. E., Kessaris, N., Ianarelli, P., Dennehy, U., Richardson, W. D. & Koentges, G. 2005. Neural crest origins of the neck and shoulder. Nature 436, 347-355 (“Article”). [281 citations, Google Scholar]

Per Erik Ahlberg has 4453 citations in total and his H index is 38.

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