Reuven Agami - Selected Publications#

1. Tumour-specific proline vulnerability uncovered by differential ribosome codon reading. Loayza-Puch F, Rooijers K, Buil LCM, Zijlstra J, Oude Vrielink JF, Lopes R, Ugalde AP, van Breugel P, Hofland I, Wesseling J, van Tellingen O, Bex A, Agami R. In press Feb 2016 Nature. IF: 41.5

2. Functional genetic screens for enhancer elements in the human genome using CRISPR-Cas9. Korkmaz G, Lopes R, Ugalde AP, Nevedomskaya E, Han R, Myacheva K, Zwart W, Elkon R, Agami R. Nature Biotechnology. 2016 Jan 11. IF: 41.5

3. Genome-wide profiling of p53-regulated enhancer RNAs uncovers a subset of enhancers controlled by a lncRNA. Léveillé N, Melo CA, Rooijers K, Díaz-Lagares A, Melo SA, Korkmaz G, Lopes R, Akbari Moqadam F, Maia AR, Wijchers PJ, Geeven G, den Boer ML, Kalluri R, de Laat W, Esteller M, Agami R. Nature Communications. 2015 Mar 27;6:6520. IF: 11.5

4. Rooijers K, Loayza-Puch F, Nijtmans LG, Agami R. Ribosome profiling reveals features of normal and disease-associated mitochondrial translation. Nature Communications. 2013 Dec 3;4:2886. IF: 11.5

5. p53 induces transcriptional and translational programs to suppress cell proliferation and growth. Loayza-Puch F, Drost J, Rooijers K, Lopes R, Elkon R, Agami R. Genome Biol. 2013 Apr 17;14(4):R32. IF: 10.8

6. Melo, C.A., Drost, J., Wijchers, P.J., van de Werken, H., Elkon, R., Melo, S.A., Leveille, N., Kalluri, R., de Laat, W., and Agami, R. eRNAs Are Required for p53-Dependent Enhancer Activity. Molecular Cell 2013 . IF: 15.2

7. E2F mediates enhanced alternative polyadenylation in proliferation. Elkon R, Drost J, van Haaften G, Jenal M, Schrier M, Oude Vrielink JA, Agami R. Genome Biol. 2012 Jul 2;13(7):R59. IF: 10.8

8. Jenal, M., Elkon, R., Loayza-Puch1, F., van Haaften, G.,, et al., Rubinsztein, D. C., and Agami R. (2012). The Poly(A)-Binding Protein Nuclear 1 suppresses alternative cleavage and polyadenylation sites. Cell. IF: 32

9. Léveillé, N., Elkon, R., Davalos, V., Manoharan, V., Hollingworth, D.,. And Agami, R. (2011). Selective inhibition of miRNA accessibility by RBM38 is required for p53 activity. Nature Communications. 25, 513-519. IF: 11.5

10. A Pumilio-induced RNA structure switch in p27-3' UTR controls miR-221 and miR-222 accessibility. Kedde M, van Kouwenhove M, Zwart W, Oude Vrielink JA, Elkon R, Agami R. Nature Cell Biology 2010 Oct;12(10):1014-20. IF: 19.6
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