László Acsády - Selected Publications#

1) Giber, K., Diana, M.A., M Plattner, V., Dugué, G.P., Bokor, H., Rousseau, C. V, Maglóczky, Z., Havas, L., Hangya, B., Wildner, H., Zeilhofer, H.U., Dieudonné, S., & Acsády, L. (2015) A subcortical inhibitory signal for behavioral arrest in the thalamus. Nat. Neurosci., 18, 562–568.

2) Barthó, P., Slézia, A., Mátyás, F., Faradzs-Zade, L., Ulbert, I., Harris, K.D., & Acsády, L. (2014) Ongoing Network State Controls the Length of Sleep Spindles via Inhibitory Activity. Neuron, 82, 1367–1379.

3) Rovó, Z., Mátyás, F., Barthó, P., Slézia, A., Lecci, S., Pellegrini, C., Astori, S., Dávid, C., Hangya, B., Lüthi, A., & Acsády, L. (2014) Phasic, Nonsynaptic GABA-A Receptor-Mediated Inhibition Entrains Thalamocortical Oscillations. J. Neurosci., 34, 7137–7147.

4) Groh, A., Bokor, H., Mease, R.A., Plattner, V.M., Hangya, B., Stroh, A., Deschenes, M., & Acsády, L. (2014) Convergence of Cortical and Sensory Driver Inputs on Single Thalamocortical Cells. Cereb. Cortex, 24, 3167–3179.

5) Rovó, Z., Ulbert, I., & Acsády, L. (2012) Drivers of the primate thalamus. J. Neurosci., 32, 17894–17908.

6) Slézia, A., Hangya, B., Ulbert, I., & Acsády, L. (2011) Phase advancement and nucleus-specific timing of thalamocortical activity during slow cortical oscillation. J. Neurosci., 31, 607–617.

7) Bodor, A.L., Giber, K., Rovó, Z., Ulbert, I., & Acsády, L. (2008) Structural correlates of efficient GABAergic transmission in the basal ganglia-thalamus pathway. J. Neurosci., 28, 3090–3102.

8) Bokor, H., Frere, S.G., Eyre, M.D., Slezia, A., Ulbert, I., Luthi, A., & Acsady, L. (2005) Selective GABAergic control of higher-order thalamic relays. Neuron, 45, 929–940.

9) Bartho, P., Freund, T.F., & Acsady, L. (2002) Selective GABAergic innervation of thalamic nuclei from zona incerta. Eur J neurosci, 16, 999–1014.

10) Acsady, L., Kamondi, A., Sik, A., Freund, T., & Buzsaki, G. (1998) GABAergic cells are the major postsynaptic targets of mossy fibers in the rat hippocampus. J Neurosci, 18, 3386–3403.
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