Jan Achenbach - Major publications#


1. Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids, North-Holland Publishing Company/American Elsevier, Amsterdam/New York, 1973 (referenced 1443 times).

2. A Theory of Elasticity with Microstructure for Directionally Reinforced Composites, CISM Monograph 167, Springer Verlag, Vienna/New York, 197 5.

3. Reciprocity in Elastodynamics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2003.


4. "Continuum Theory for a Laminated Medium," J of Applied Mech., 35, pp. 467- 475, 1968 (with C. T. Sun and G, Herrmann), (referenced 205 times in ISI Web of Knowledge).

5. "Dynamic Effects in Brittle Fracture," in Mechanics Today, 1, ed. by S. Nemat- Nasser, Pergamon Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 1-57, 1974,

6. "Geometrical Theory of Diffraction for Three-D Elastodynamies," J Acoust. Soc. Am., 61, pp. 413-421, 1977 (with A. K. Gautesen), (referenced 44 times in ISI Web of Knowledge).

7. "Effect of Interfacial Zone on Mechanical Behavior and Failure of Fiber-Reinforced Composites" J Mech. Phys. Solids, 37, pp. 381-393, 1989 (with H. Zhu), (referenced 175 times in ISI Web of Knowledge).

8. "Measuring Thin-Film Elastic Constants by Line-Focus Acoustic Microscopy," Advances in Acoustic Microscopy, ed, by Andrew Briggs, 1, pp. 153-208, 1995 (with J. Kim and Y.-C. Lee).

9. "Combination of a Virtual Wave and the Reciprocity Theorem to Analyze Surface Wave Generation on a Transversely isotropic So1id," Philosophical Magazine, 85, pp. 4143-4157, 2005.

10. "Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Prognosis in Fatigue," Structural Health Monitoring, 7, pp. 37-49, 2008 (with S.S. Kulkarni).

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