Guido Abbattista - Publications#



1. Enigma Cina. Leggi, diritto e giustizia cinesi nella cultura europea tra '700 e '800 (Trieste: EUT, 2018)

2. La Rivoluzione Americana (Milano: Grandangolo-Corriere della Sera, 2016)

3. Umanità in mostra. Esposizioni etniche e invenzioni esotiche in Italia (1880-1940) [Humans on Exhibition. Ethnic expositions and Exotic Inventions in Italy (1880-1940)] (Trieste: EUT, 2013)

Edited Volumes:

4. Law, Justice and Codification in Qing China. European and Chinese Perspectives. Essays in History and Comparative Law, edited by Guido Abbattista (a Companion Volume to the Anastatic and Digital Reprint of the Italian Edition of the Ta Tsing Leu Lee (1812) (Trieste: EUT, 2017)

5. Moving Bodies, Displaying Nations. National Cultures, Race and Gender in World Exhibitions (Nineteenth-Twentieth century), edited by Guido Abbattista (Trieste: Edizioni Università di Trieste, 2014)


6. “Global Sea Routes (GSR): An Historical Geodatabase of Global Navigations in the Modern Age (16th-19th Centuries)”, in International Conference on Innovations in the Social Sciences and Humanities-Conference Proceedings, TDTU-Ho Chi Minh City, 2019, pp. 61-66 .

7. “The Despotism of the Plough, Throne and Tradition: Commercial Enlightenment and China in the Histoire des deux lndes”, in Le Siècle des Lumières. VI. Qu'est-ce que les Lumières? Nouvelles réponses à l'ancienne question (Moscow: Naouka, 2018), pp. 84-109;

8. “The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall and the Historical Identity of China in Asian and Global History”, in Storia della Storiografia, 73, 1 (2018): 111-131

9. “Chinese Law and Justice: George Thomas Staunton (1781‑1859) and the European Discourses on China in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries”, in Law, Justice and Codification in China and the European Thought (Trieste: EUT, 2017), pp. 1-135.

10. “Europe, China and the ‘Family of Nations’: Paradoxes of the ‘Commercial’ Enlightenment in the Sattelzeit (1780-1840)”, pp.1-9, in China’s Development from a Global Perspective, ed. by María Dolores Elizalde, Wang Jianlang (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017), pp. 122-195.

A considerable number of publications is accessible in full text on the website:

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