Aulis Aarnio - Publication list #

Main works
  • The Rational as Reasonable: A Treatise on Legal Justification. Reidel, Dordrecht 1987; translated also into Spanish and French
  • Reason and Authority. A Treatise on the Dynamic Paradigm of Legal Dogmatics. Darthmouth, Aldershot 1997
  • Interpreting Statutes (eds. N. MacCormick & R.S. Summers, Darthmouth, Aldershot 1991)
  • Interpreting Precedents (eds. N. MacCormick & R.S. Summers, Ashgate, Aldershot 1997)
  • Over 20 books in Finnish on family law and law of inheritance as well as on general jurisprudence, legal theory and legal philosophy.
  • Seven books in German and English on legal philosophy.
  • Over 350 scientific articles in 13 different languages.
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