Øyvind Østerud - Selected publications#

Recent representative publications in English:

‘Regime transition and varieties of post-communism’, in 20 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Berliner Wissenschaft-Verlag 2011
‘Evolving Metaphors of Development’, in Language and Power, Nyota Publ. 2009

‘Towards an more peaceful world?’ in Conflict, Security and Development, 3/08.

‘The Role of National Sovereignty and the Future of the EU’, in Northern Europe and the Future of the EU, Berliner Wissenschaft-Verlag 2011

‘Judicial Power and Legal Revolution’, in The Independence of Judges, Routledge 2014

‘Strategy, Risk and Threat Perception in NATO’, in NATO’s European Allies, Palgrave 2013

‘Separatism’, in International Encyclopedia of Political Thought, Sage 2014

‘State Formation’, in International Encyclopedia of Political Science, Sage 2011

‘Geopolitics and International Governance in the Arctic’, in Arctic review of Law and Politics, 1/2014.

Author of the major Nordic textbook in political science, 1. ed. 1991; 5. ed. 2014; widely used in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
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