The Secretary's View - Antoine Bailly#

Last October, while having a drink before a ‘geographical cafe’ at the International Festival of Geography in St Die, France, our Chair, Anne Buttimer (our Section Chair) asked me; "Antoine would you like to act as the secretary of the section?". All Committee Members of our Section would welcome you. You have experience as the past Scientific Director of the Festival of Geography, and as the Past-President of the University of Geneva Council.’ ‘Anne, you know I am busy as the Chair of Forum Santé but if you need help in the management of the section, I am happy to help out.’

The Newsletter is the first step, prepared with the assistance of Renato Scariati, from the University of Geneva. It aims to provide all members of the Social Science Section, a few times each year, with information on past events and more important, on forthcoming ones. In each item of the newsletter you will find information together with internet links and electronic contacts, presented in a simple and straightforward manner. This newsletter is not an interactive one, nor is it another page on Facebook, it is up to you individually to get in touch with colleagues when you wish to take part in an event or to share experience and activities.

With the newsletter I hope we can start to revive the Social Science Section, to meet more frequently, and to share tea [or beer] together for the furtherance of Social Sciences.

The section chair and committee hopes that with the newsletter, new life can emerge within this hitherto rather dormant Section and in future, all ideas and suggestions can be addressed to our Section Secretary

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