Report on the Activities of the Law Section in 2013#

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  • In 2013 the Law Section Committee met twice, once in Munich and once during the Wroclaw Annual Conference.
  • The main activity of the Committee was focused on organizing, on the one hand, a workshop of the Law Section at the Wroclaw Conference, and on the other, in organizing, respectively co-organizing with the Section of Economics, Business and Management Sciences a panel discussion in the plenary session of the Wroclaw Conference.
  • In the workshop, chaired by Professor Ditlev Tamm, Copenhagen, under the title "European Ideal as Challenge", which took place on Tuesday, September 17, 2013, the following lectures were given:

- Prof. Dirk Heirbaut, Ghent: "Germany's Past Europe's Future?"
- Prof. Dieter Grimm, Berlin: "Cooperation and Conflict – The Role of European and National Courts in the Process of Integration"
- Prof. Pia Letto-Vanamo, Helsinki: "Europe and the Law"
- Prof. Verica Trstenjak, Vienna: "Union Citizenship and the Influence of the Court of Justice of the EU"

All lectures were of highest quality and very well received by the audience. Deplorably, however, the audience was modest in numbers, as it was, in general, the attendance of Wroclaw Conference by Members of the Law Section.

  • The panel discussion in the plenary session, co-organized with the Section of Economics, Business and Management Sciences, chaired by Professor Peter Nijkamp, Amsterdam, Chair of the Section of Economics, Business and Management, was under the motto "The European Challenge in Uncertain Futures". The panelists addressed the following subjects:

- Prof. Kai Konrad, Munich/Berlin: "The European Debt Crisis, its Development and Possible Solutions"
- Prof. Alberto Quadrio Curzio, Rome: "A New Path to Sustainable Growth for EMU and EU"
- Prof. Jacques Poot, Hamilton, New Zealand: "Migration and Global Economic Welfare"
- Prof. Stanislaw Soltysinski, Poznan/Warsaw: "Prospects of Reforms in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis"
- Prof. Joseph Straus, Munich/Pretoria: "The Threat of Globalization and Europe's Clouded Relationship With Technology and Intellectual Property"

  • The entire plenary debate was very well received and had clearly shown that, in view of the modest attendance of Members of the Law Section, more generally tailored debates addressing topical issues of high interest to the contemporary society, in which Law Section members actively participate, seem to be best suited to attract interest of all members, and therefore should be included into the plenary sessions of annual conferences.

  • It should be added that in Wroclaw four new AE Members were admitted, namely, José A. Gomez Segade, Spain, Arthur Hartkamp, Netherlands, Louis Vogel, France and Verica Trstenjak, Austria.

Munich, May 8, 2014
Joseph Straus
Chair, Law Section

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