AIECS - Social event#

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City Parliament Hall

City Parliament Hall

Dr.Piffl-Percevic and Maurer

Hartog, Havel, Pachls and Leberl in background

Aichernig, Hasse, Wotawa

Pachls, Maurer

Styrian buffet

Maurer, Sigloch

Cloethingh, Margenstern, Maurer, Boergers, Piffl-Percevic

Sierd Cloetingh

Barbara, Kuich, Maurer, Imrich

Broy, Maurer

Mrs. Zima, Hans Zima, Hermann Maurer, Mrs. Zerofos, Christos Zerofos

Hermann Maurer, Ivan Havel, Wilfried Imrich

Erol Gelenbe, Hermann Maurer, Peter Piffl-Perčević, Ivan Havel, Mauricio Kritz

G. Futschek, P. Piffl-Perčević, B. Buchberger

S. Cloetingh, M. Margenstern, H. Maurer, Mrs. Börger, E.Börger, P. Piffl-Perčević

Anyone for Styrian wine? (Peter Piffl-Perčević)

The white wine is excellent ... (Peter Piffl-Perčević, Hermann Maurer)

Ivan Havel, Hermann Maurer
Let's taste the red one ...(Ivan Havel and Hermann Maurer)

Ivan Havel
Good choice ...(Ivan Havel)
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