News from the History and Archaeology Section Academia Europaea#

September 2015#

Dear members of Section 1, History and Archaeology,#

I’m writing to you with fresh news from Damstadt where the annual meeting has finished right now.

1. Erasmus lecture: This year Prof. of Classics Edith Hall, King’s College London, received the Erasmus medal and gave the brilliant, engaged and also engaging Erasmus lecture: “Master of those who know: Aristotle as role model for the 21st-century academician?” Congratulations! - Edit Hall is invited to publish the lecture in the European Review where all of you will get the chance to read it.

2. Nominations: Nominations have been made online with 30th of April as the deadline. Thanks to all members who have made proposal. The whole batch was ranked by the Section Committee and then a final list for the whole class of Arts & Letters was made in a meeting in Paris end of July with the 6 section chairs within the new class for Arts & Letters. 15 new members were accepted here in Darmstadt for our sections.

3. Policy making: In news letters from the President you will have seen that the AE has made a major step forward to consolidate its potential for having an influence on research policy making on a European level. In Spring 2015 a consortium was made consisting of AE, ALLEA, FEAM, EASAC and Euro-Case, uniting all types of national academies but with AE as the broadest in terms of disciplines. This group will have a say, both in response to EU initiatives with regard to research and with the possibility of launching its own initiatives.

4. Annual meetings: The form of the annual meeting and the resources spent on it has been discussed. This year in Darmstadt the conrtibutions from different sections (who have made proposals for panels) have been part of the general program “Symbiosis / Synergy of Humans & Technology”. The participation of different sections gave a more diverse program and marked a clearer presence of the individual sections. Our section has contributed with a panel “On Men and Tools”. This was agreed upon last year by the section committee in view of the general subject. The General Assembly of the AE has decided that from 2017 the annual meetings will be organized together with ALLEA to give more volume, save time and money. In 2016 a smaller annual business meeting will be held end of June in Cardiff hosted by the new AE knowledge hub.

In 2016, our History and Archaeology section will have a workshop open to all members on:

“How to write a history of Europe”.

This subject was accorded likewise by the section committee. The workshop will take place at the Wroclaw hub attached to a seminar on “Central Europe and Colonialism”, which is to be held 21-23 September 2016. Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to participate at the workshop.

5. Next year’s nominations: Next year’s nominations will proceed as this year, only with an earlier deadline for practical reasons: March 15. I hope many of you will make proposals.

All the best

Renate Pieper
Section chair

Prof. Dr. Renate Pieper
History Department
Karl-Franzens-Univ. Graz

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