Areas of Activity#

Here you will find all fields of scholarship for this section.
  • Acoustic Abundance estimation of fish schools Go to
  • Acute phase protein response in animals and their use in diagnostic analysis Go to
  • All aspects of food and beverage fermentation technology from the point of view of biotechnology Go to
  • Allergy - skin and respiratory allergy to chemicals and proteins Go to
  • Alternatives to animal research - including the development of in vitro, in silico and computational models Go to
  • Application of magnetic resonance imaging techniques to the study of the newborn brain Go to
  • Applied fish behavior to understand and predict fish distribution and reaction Go to
  • applied & translational biology Go to
  • Behavioral ecology Go to
  • Behavioural and morphological diversity in sticklebacks Go to
  • Behavioural ecology Go to
  • Behavioural Ecology Go to
  • Behaviour and aquaculture Go to
  • Behaviour of humans and animals Go to
  • Biochemistry and Genetics of Yeast Strains with particular interest in biomass production, ethanol production, extra cellular enzymes synthesis, metal accumulation and flocculation Go to
  • Biofuel and bioconversion of plant biomass Go to
  • Biomarkers of disease of animals Go to
  • bioprocess simulation and optimisation Go to
  • biotechnollogy, microbiology Go to
  • Bivalve aquaculture Go to
  • Brain development and developmental plasticity in the brain Go to
  • Breast cancer metastasis: mechanism and drug target identification Go to
  • Carbon partitioning and root growth under magnesium deficiency Go to
  • Cellular immunology - including cytokine biology Go to
  • Circulation Physiology Go to
  • computer vision and hyperspectral imaging technology Go to
  • Conservation and Extensive Mariculture Go to
  • cooling, drying and refrigeration processes and systems Go to
  • Damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) Go to
  • Developing in vivo preclinical platforms Go to
  • Developing systems to integrate targeted and immunotherapy Go to
  • Development of biochemical assays for use in veterinary laboratories Go to
  • Ecosystem effects of fishing Go to
  • Environmental Influence on Fish Behaviour Go to
  • eukaryotic microbiology Go to
  • Evolutionary Biology Go to
  • Evolutionary ecology Go to
  • Evolution (with focus on adaptation and phenotypic plasticity) Go to
  • Fish and fisheries ecology Go to
  • Fisheries-induced evolution Go to
  • Fisheries management Go to
  • Fisheries oceanography Go to
  • Fisheries Technology to improve fishing gear selectivity and efficiency Go to
  • Fish management (including the study of anthropogenic effects) Go to
  • fleshy fruit development and ripening Go to
  • Fleshy Fruit development Go to
  • food regulatory sciences Go to
  • Food safety issues Go to
  • Freshwater biology Go to
  • Function-based genomic screens for therapeutic targets and predictive biomarkers Go to
  • Genetic improvement of cultivated wheats by exploiting wild wheats Go to
  • High throughput sequencing Go to
  • Hormones signaling and response Go to
  • human stem cells, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine Go to
  • Immunoassay development and validation Go to
  • Individual based modelling Go to
  • Inflammation biology Go to
  • Inhibitors of cell wall-degrading enzymes Go to
  • Learning and Cognitive Ability in Fish Go to
  • Life-history theory Go to
  • Life history theory Go to
  • Marine resource management and economics Go to
  • Melanoma initiation and progression Go to
  • Molecular recognition Go to
  • Monitoring bovine mastitis by biomarker analysis Go to
  • neonatal neurology Go to
  • Neonatal neurology Go to
  • neonatal neuroscience Go to
  • organismal and evolutionary biology Go to
  • Oxygen free radicals and antioxidants in stressed plants Go to
  • Physical-biological ocean processes Go to
  • Physical oceanography Go to
  • Physiological changes in plant cells under micronutrient deficiencies Go to
  • Physiology and neuroprotection of the newborn Go to
  • Plant Biotechnology Go to
  • Plant biotechnology Go to
  • plant microbe interactions Go to
  • plant-microbe interactions Go to
  • Plant microbe interactions Go to
  • Plant-pathogen interactions Go to
  • Plant-pathogen interactions Go to
  • Population biology Go to
  • Population dynamics Go to
  • Protein purification and analysis for diagnostics Go to
  • Proteins of serum, milk and other biological fluids of domestic animals Go to
  • Proteomics as applied to domestic animals Go to
  • quality and safety of food products Go to
  • Regenerative medicine Go to
  • Resistance to targeted and immunotherapy Go to
  • Root adaptation mechanisms of plants to mineral nutrient deficiencies Go to
  • Signal transduction Go to
  • Skin biology - including skin diseases (psoriasis and allergic contact dermatitis) Go to
  • Social and economic sciences Go to
  • Solid state cultivation and processing waste recycling Go to
  • Starter culture production for food biotechnology and food safety Go to
  • Strategies for resource acquisition and life history variation in salmon Go to
  • Targeting cancer cell metabolism Go to
  • Tissue engineering Go to
  • Toxicology - all aspects including risk assessment Go to
  • toxicology immunology Go to
  • Transcriptional regulation Go to
  • Understanding of functional deficits in children with perinatal brain injury Go to
  • Veterinary biochemistry and particularly veterinary clinical biochemistry Go to
  • veterinary diagnostics Go to
  • Welfare of farmed fish Go to
  • Zinc deficiency in cereal crops and human populations Go to

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